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The Best Brands Promoting Body Positivity

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

As it is Love Yourself week here at Her Campus Nottingham, we thought that we should take a look at different brands that promote body positivity. In recent years, this is a movement that has captured the mainstream media and companies alike due to people wanting a more realistic body image that represent all rather than unattainable image that has been retouched.



Fashion website ASOS went viral due to their positive changes of showing models with their stretch marks rather than retouching and removing them. Stretch marks are a completely normal aspect of our bodies so it is great that a huge, global company like ASOS is taking a body positive stand!


2. Monki

Another fashion brand which is known for their positive body image outlook is Swedish brand Monki. They have fronted campaigns to normalise periods, body hair, masturbation, same-sex relationships. For their 10th anniversary they have launched series of campaigns to empower women known as #monkifesto. Also, their lingerie campaigns include all body types and different races too.


3. Neon Moon lingerie

British lingerie brand, Neon Moon have taken away the stress and daunting sizing process by replacing sizing with names such as Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Fabulous and Stunning. They remind customers that “Your self-worth is not defined by any number on a measuring tape. You are beautiful whatever size you are”.

4. Special K – Own it Campaign

Kellogg’s Special K launched a campaign in Canada in 2015 which was praised for featuring woman of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and sexual orientation. The point of the campaign was to inspire a realistic and positive change. This is a significant rebrand for the company as it historically advertised weight loss. This goes to show that companies are recognising change within the industry.

5. Nike

An advert that Nike posted on their Nike Women Instagram account has gone viral due to the fact of it celebrating body positivity but not screaming it from the rooftops, essentially normalising it. The advert is inclusive of different sizes, shapes, colours etc. but also aim to teach us on how to wear the correct sports bra too. Result!

Overall, in the past few years there has definitely been a shift in marketing. Companies know that consumers are tired of inaccurate portrayals of body types and photo shopping and are looking for authentic and realistic to look at. Hopefully even more companies and brand will take this step in the near future.

Edited By Isabelle Walker

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Sinead Butler

Nottingham '19

Sinead Butler is a 3rd year English and Philosophy Jt Hons student. She joined Her Campus Nottingham in September 2017 as a Social Media Intern and Blogger. This year, she is currently Head of Social Media and has continued her role as a Blogger for HCN. Along with her roles at HCN, she also blogs for the University of Nottingham's Careers Service and has a blog site of her own: www.thoughtsofsinead.wordpress.com. After university, Sinead aims to pursue a career in political journalism.
Student at the University of Nottingham studying English and French. Spending a year in France doing sport, sailing and marketing.