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Well, as I am writing this it feels pretty bittersweet because it will be my last ever Her Campus article! I am graduating this summer (retakes forgiving), and so will no longer be a UoN student – scary stuff! Still, I feel that I have a corker of an article to finish off with and a lovely bonus too so keep reading!

I am on a one woman mission, to convert every (yes EVERY) girl I know into a fluttery lashed Goddess – all at the hands of some falsies! I get a lot of friends who simply seem terrified by them, but I tell no lies: all it takes is a teensy bit of practice and it’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. At one point during my career I was wearing false eyelashes so often that it became faster & easier for me to put on eyelashes than to properly do my mascara. I mean, if you think about it, it’s two steps: glue on & put the lashes on the eyes; mascara is curl the lashes, maybe apply a base, apply mascara (most often umpteen layers to get the desired effect), lots of tweaking, maybe a lash comb and then curl again – that means there can be three times as many steps as with false eyelash application!

To give this article a personal feel I’ve decided to strictly only use photos of my own to prove my point about falsies. There will be no photo-shopping, no porky pies – just the facts which your own eyes can see!

Eyelashes really open the eye up and draw attention to the focal point of the face. I have measly short lashes and so falsies have been an absolute godsend to me – however they are not only for the fair of the short in the eyelash department girls. For the luckier longer-lashed girls out there they will still add a more dramatic, fanned out and even lash line. There are so many shapes that no matter what kind of eye shape/look you are going for you will find a lash suitable to your needs (if you find a style you love but they are too long width-wise for your eyes, you can also trim the band to fit). 

Applying your lashes

To help with any ladies who find lashes still a bit daunting to apply I have made a quick break down ‘how-to’ with picture aids to assist you prior to, or during, your application.

Before and afters

Now, as I said, seeing is believing so here are some before and afters on my lovely model for you to see the huge difference they make even to a lady with pretty lengthy natural lashes.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, that false lashes are only for special occasions because they are an expensive treat, but eyelashes should and can last you 5+ wears (I once got FIFTEEN out of a pair I took great care with during a particularly skint phase). The main things to remember to keep your lashes looking fresh are:

1.       Gently pull your lashes off at the end of the night, peeling from one end to the other.

2.       Strictly NO water/water content products near the eyelashes – they will become a misshapen mess!

3.       Using your fingernails, peel the glue from the band – it usually comes off quite cleanly as one long string. Then store the lashes so as not to catch dust or get squished.

There is also a trick for those of you who may have gotten mascara or other crud on your lashes so that they are not looking their best: Surgical Spirit can be used to clean the lashes of mascara & to help them reshape. On a towel, simply pour the spirit over the lash and run a cotton bud (soaked in spirit also) along the length of the lashes from root to tip. This will quickly clean off any grime whilst helping the lashes bounce back to their previous shape/vitality. 

As if you ladies needed any more convincing that now was the time to try out some false lashes for yourself – especially with graduation and balls coming up! –  I have managed swing a pretty sweet 15% discount for you all to use with House of Lashes (http://www.houseoflashes.com/), valid for two weeks (commencing saturday 8 June until saturday 22). Their lashes & products have been featured throughout my article and are of incredible quality, as well as being beautifully designed and packaged. Just enter student15 when prompted at checkout – enjoy!

Thanks for reading and supporting me – I wish you all the best in your future beauty endeavours xoxo

Make up, skin care and beauty tool reviews/recommendations from a whole hearted make up junky! I've long been involved in the cosmetic industry as a free-lance make-up artist whilst furthering my academic studies as a Biology student at The University of Nottingham. I have worked for Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Arden, Kiehls, Origins, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, PUIG, KGA, P&G Prestige, Aramis, La Prairie and Aveda. I love nothing more than purchasing new and exciting items, and what better way to excuse myself of this naughty habit than to use it to help others make educated beauty choices! Much love and Enjoy - Amy x
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