Are Women Really Equal in the World of Work?

The 21st century has witnessed changes in family dynamics which have allowed women to become more independent and able to take on the role as 'the bread winner,' therefore aspiring to careers which put them in a strong position to shape and influence our economy, politics, and social views on women. However, research has shown that women in the UK are less likely to be in work and are also more likely to experience pay inequality. Although the 'golden age' we’re in claims to promote gender equality, a system whereby women, including working mothers, could set up successful businesses and have a wider range of career options; recent investigation has found the opposite.

Although many would agree that women are still discriminated against, particularly in terms of salary, the amount of progress that has been made in order to combat the issue differs. Recent studies on climbing the ladder in the workplace have shown that when it comes to gender discrimination and negotiating salary, many women are unaware of the procedures open to them that would allow them to have their salaries negotiated. Other women in that study assumed that their hard work would be recognised and rewarded, without having to speak up. Furthermore, in terms of speaking up, just over half of women (51%) feel uncomfortable with speaking frequently during meetings. Many feel held back by their position in the work place and the amount of work experience they have.

It is debatable as to whether or not enough is being done to bridge the workplace inequality gap between men and women. In a changing world, equality for women is still moving at a worryingly slow pace, and many researchers say that gender equality may not be established until 2095. Women are encouraged to be more ambitious and confident in the workplace, but are work places adapting so that they promote equality between both genders?

Although social views on women are improving, the reality is that many women still would not agree that the work place is a fair place for women. Research and statistics have proven this, and there will be a lot of work needed before the work sector sees the benefits of gender equality. Society is ever changing and views on women continue to improve, but whether or not these changes are occurring at a reasonable speed continues to spark frustration in many modern women


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Edited by Georgina Varley