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Anastasia Beverly Hills – worth the splurge?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Like all makeup lovers, I stare in awe at the new releases from ABH debating what I need more between a new highlight or a food shop. Luckily for you I have poor financial management and have spent plenty on luxury makeup, so you don’t have to! Here are my top 3 picks for what *is* worth the money:


Modern Renaissance Palette

I would save the best until last, but I really wanted to put this one out there. This. Palette. Is. AMAZING! These eyeshadows have the most pigmented and buttery formula known to makeup, and blend like a dream. Not to mention how cute the colour story is – admittedly, I did worry it wasn’t exactly ‘wearable’ but it surprisingly is. The palette itself is encased in pink velvet, with each eyeshadow name referring to some kind of art idea e.g. ‘Vermeer’ – my personal favourite – refers to the 17th Century painter Johannes Vermeer; ‘Tempera’ which is a method of painting. It also comes with a mirror and a brush which makes it handy for travel. Just everything about this palette is a YES! 

Dipbrow Eyebrow Pomade

The next thing that comes to my mind when I think ABH is the Dipbrow. With 9 shades, this eyebrow pomade is pretty stable in my collection – it lasts FOREVER (I’ve literally had mine for over a year) and really does stay put on your brows all day. My only complaint would be that the formula hardens after a while (which I assume happens to most eyebrow pomades), but it still works fine – a staple. In the same ballpark, the other (arguably slightly more) famous brow product is the Brow Wiz. And honestly? Its £23 which is literally what I spent on an Aldi weekly food shop, and it doesn’t really feel worth it. I recommend the Soap and Glory Archbrow if you’re looking for a dupe, its £10 and the brush strokes look really natural. 

Sugar Glow Highlighter Kit

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about ABH (or makeup tbh) and not include highlighter. It’s everyone’s favourite part, right?! Even all these years later, the Sugar Glow Kit has my heart. It’s a beautiful selection of 4 shades: Marshmallow (a gold / white); Gumdrop (a medium pink); butterscotch (a medium champagne) and starburst (pink). These highlighters don’t look chalky and don’t emphasise texture at all and can be used lightly for a natural ‘glow from within’ or build up to be BLINDING. My personal favourite is starburst!

So, there are my top 3 ABH products. Of course, these 3 aren’t the only amazing products from the brand, but if you are looking to splurge, pick one of these first!


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