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Alistair Redman



Name: Alistair Redman

Hometown: Bedford

Degree: Aerospace Technologies MSc

Year: 4

Campus Involvement: Broadgate Park Hockey, Real Politik FC, serial Hallward loudmouth (apologies)

Dream Job: Footballer Or Aerospace

Personal Claim to Fame: I met the Olympic rowing squad.

Fun Fact: Your brain literally heats up when you’re stressed. Smiling more can cool it down.

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: Emptying the entire contents of my wallet on the floor outside Hallward.

Signature Dish: Oriental Stir Fry!

Where can you be found on a Friday night in notts: Causing a commOcean or food and cocktails!

I'm a second year student at the University of Nottingham studying History and American Studies.
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