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Alicia (Liss) Cranwell

Name: Alicia (Liss) Cranwell

Hometown: Oxford

Degree: French & English Joint Honours

Year: 2

Dream Job : Interpreter

Personal claim to fame: I used to be coached on a Friday figure skating club night by the Dancing on Ice professional Vicky Ogden.

Fun fact: I am a Grade 8 classical singer.

Most embarrassing uni moment: Having to be carried from the JCR to my room on the first cheese and wine night… A very messy night followed and an extremely rough 9am which I must add I did attend!

Signature dish: Fish stir fry or homemade mango spiced chicken and couscous with Caribbean cocktail cupcakes.

Where can you be found on a Friday night in Notts? Friday nights are spent in the gym until 8/9 then, dependent on who has gone to Ocean and who hasn’t, either a nice evening in a suave bar or home with a movie. Sadly, Ocean is not my ideal night.

I am a third year (eek!) English student at the University of Nottingham. When I'm not blogging from behind my laptop, you will find me reading, writing and being your general English Lit student.
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