Ad-dressing an Issue: The Best Looks for Any Shape or Size

So, it’s that time of year again. Halloween is now just a distant dream, and bonfire night has ended with a bang. The Christmas carols begin to echo in our ears, and the party invites start to pile up like the snow outside our windows. As students, as much as we would like to have a new dress per party we are invited to, we are restricted by the rapidly dwindling amounts in our saving accounts. Well, fear not, because no matter what shape and size you are, there will always be the perfect party dress that can be worn right up until the New Year.

Firstly, if you have a big bust, smaller hips and a rounded stomach, you are the ‘apple shape’. Those of us who are apple shaped girls are lucky enough to have an ample bust, so pair a v-neck dress with a belt to emphasise your waist and your curves. This dress, from ASOS, is perfect as the frill trims would balance out your bust with your legs to give the impression of an hourglass figure. 

For those of you who have hips that are wider than your bust, then you are a classic pear shape. Pear shapes can be catered for by emphasising their slimmer upper bodies – any strapless dress that falls gracefully over your hips is one for you. This one from Lipsy has been reduced in the sale, but it’s still quite steep at £47.50, so if you want a cheap bandeau alternative, turn to Boohoo – this is a steal at £20 and available in a selection of colours to suit your skin tone. 

Lipsy, £47.50

There are also those lucky few of you who are naturally slim – lots of today’s trends look brilliant on a slender figure. To give the illusion of curves try a dress with a peplum, such as this dress from New Look for £12.99, paired with a nice pair of court shoes to get you in the party mood this season.

Finally, there’s the classic hourglass figure – wider bust and hips but with a small, cinched waist. If you have an hourglass shape, then steer clear of anything that is baggy or shapeless as they will swamp your figure and make you look bigger than you are.  Bodycon dresses are made for your body type, so try this New Look dress – a classic, slinky shape that will stick to your curves. It’s simple, but if you want your look to stand out more then pair it with a statement necklace. At only £19.99 you can afford to splash out with some accessories.

So no matter what your shape is, be sure to find the perfect party dress for yourself this season!


Edited by Luisa Parnell