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The Actually Useful Freshers’ Checklist

When I was preparing for my first year at Uni, I scoured the internet for every checklist available. I was not going to be the girl who forgot her duvet (I saved that mistake for the start of my second year). Problem was, most of these checklists said the same thing and stated the obvious. So check out Her Campus’ Alternative Checklist!

1.    Better than Blutackthese sticky strips are much stronger than blutack (so no more posters falling on your head in the middle of the night) and don’t do any damage to painted walls (so no annoying deductions from your deposit!) 

2.    A printer. It doesn’t matter how close you may live to the library, it will always be an effort to walk to a printer on campus. If you don’t think that printing for your course will be an issue, bear in mind that some clubs require you to print your ticket – so having a printer handy for spontaneous nights out can be useful!

3.    Condoms. I know they’re probably on every checklist you’ve read, but just get a box for peace of mind. Once you’ve arrived and registered with the GP (which is part of your compulsory induction), get yourself down to Cripps Health Centre and sign up to the C-Card scheme which gets you free rubbers whenever you need them!

4.    Girls: nice flat shoes. Very few people wear heels out in Notts, so don’t over-pack the stilettos! 1 – 3 pairs will be plenty.

5.    An extension lead. Your room probably won’t have enough power sockets if you use two or three electrical devices that need charging and want a few other things plugged in regularly.

6.    Two debit cards. Not vital, but useful – speaking from experience! It’s very easy to lose a card (especially on a night out) so if you have two then you at least have a back-up. Same goes for ID – probably worth buying a provisional driving license even if you aren’t planning on learning to drive soon.

7.    Change. Buses always cost a pound and don’t give change. And washing machines/dryers will need change.

8.    Shampoo/conditioner supply. If you spot your fave shampoo on the Boots 3 for 2, pick up a supply. There’s nothing more annoying than going to get ready for an impromptu night out and finding you’ve got nothing to wash your locks. I came to uni with a huge bag of products and cosmetics that I’d hoarded over the Summer!

9.    Stamps. Yeah, who uses snail mail anymore, right? But when you’re living away from home, family birthdays and Mothers’/Fathers’ Day will creep up on you and you’ll earn some serious brownie points if you at least get a card in the post!

10. A doorstop. Some Hall doors close automatically, and on moving-in day it’s nice to have your door open so your new flatmates can poke their head in and say Hi! If you’re feeling extra inviting, bring a beanbag or big cushions and encourage them to come in if they fancy a chat. This turned my bedroom in to the dedicated living room for the block during my first year (came with its disadvantages but was generally a positive thing!)

Sam is a Third Year at the University of Nottingham, England and Campus Correspondent for HC Nottingham. She is studying English and would love a career in journalism or marketing (to name two very broad industries). But for now, her favourite pastimes include nightclubs, ebay, cooking, reading, hunting down new music, watching thought-provoking films, chatting, and attempting to find a sport/workout regime that she enjoys!  
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