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8 Questions All Second Years Have

The honeymoon period is officially over. You ended summer on a high and this year just isn’t quite living up to the hype in comparison to first year. Holding you back may well be the weight of living that comes with second year pressures. It would be unusual not to be perplexed by certain things you encounter in second year…

1. Is the heating on yet?

Hello arctic conditions of student housing. Gone are the days of above-zero temperatures; now your only guarantee of constant heat is by taking the tedious walk to Hallward, and you’ve even considered sleeping in there once in a while.2. Why is everybody suddenly coupled up?

Whether it’s a case of worrying about the future or people wanting to live up to the ideologies of serious relationship life, suddenly in second year everyone appears to have got into a relationship. If you’re still single, enjoy it whilst you can: you have have your whole life to be in a relationship!

3. Did the 34 just drive past me again?

The sheer amount of people exceeding the capacity of the bus results in a damp awakening of what it’s like to be in the real world, away from the comfort of the five minute walks to lectures. 9ams + the bus driver’s obliviousness of your desperate attempt to get on their bus = quite the mood dampener. 4. What if I don’t get an internship this year?

With third year around the corner, talks of post-grad study, work experience, internships and summer vacation placements seem to dominate second years’ conversations. But these anxieties are a waste of time if you don’t act on them. This is where you need to be proactive – spend less time worrying and more time doing and participating and you’ll be just fine!

5. Is that mould?

You may have complained about halls, but compared to Lenton’s shabbiest crib that you swept up in the panic of renting a house for the first time, you probably ended up with something just short of inhabitable. Mould issues, warm fridges and stray pieces of dodgy DIY tripping you up add to the life struggles. We’ve all been there.6. What’s causing this second year slump?

A range of factors contribute to a lack of progress in second year work. Students say they feel unprepared for the overall workload of the second year, in particular the unexpected volume of assessment, often being a cause of angst. Having the self-discipline to keep to a work schedule is pivotal at this stage; even though Hallward feels miles away, it might be wise to get yourself in there now and again…

7. Why did I decide to live with you?

Living with the friends that you made during Freshers’ week seemed like a wonderful prospect. But gone are the close knit communities of halls. Dishes, housing admin and bins are a tiny proportion of the trivial matters that cause disputes and a crumbling of once strongly bound friendships. Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this. Gain a sense of perspective, prioritise and use your initiative to solve minor problems. That Halls-kinda bond will be back in no time.

8. When did I become so poor?

Dipping into your overdraft is now inevitable. Welcome to second year life!

Edited by Naomi Upton

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