8 of the Most Iconic Sex and the City Outfits

Sex and the City is one of those TV series that is loved by many and is full of amazing one liners, relatable story lines and, of course, amazing fashion. Carrie Bradshaw knew how to turn heads and there were some stand out iconic outfits that can still inspire today. There are plenty of outfits to choose from over the 6 seasons and 2 movies, all thanks to costume designer Patricia Field.

1. Carrie proved that tutus aren’t just for ballerinas, but for everyday wear too. This signature tutu was seen in the opening credits, paired simply with a vest top. This is an effective and more fun way to dress up for summer.

2. Carrie gave us a throwback to the 80s with this outfit - giving us a little insight into what she would have looked like back in her teenage years. You don’t have to go full out 80s but   you can take lots of different elements from this fun outfit.

3. This white dress is just in time for summer and perfect for the warm weather! It would look great with heels or flats and is so easy and versatile to wear.

4. Aidan, who was one of the best sex and the city’s boyfriends, got the chance to see Carrie again in Dubai, while she was decked out in Dior and it was fabulous.

5. Being a best man is an important job and Carrie took that very seriously when Standford and Anthony got married. That black head piece was a showstopper that worked great with the tux.

6. Throughout the series, Carrie is regularly seen adorned with an oversized flower. This is a great accessory to spice up an outfit, giving it a more summery feel.

7. Carrie took Paris in style in this stripped monochrome number - the perfect outfit to look chic and sophisticated in.

8. Now for one of the most elaborate and show stopping wedding dresses, courtesy of Vivienne Westwood, complete with stunning veil and feather. This was an outfit that definitely turned heads - even if it didn’t make it up the aisle!

There are so many more amazing outfits worn not only by Carrie, but by Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte as well. If ever you’re stuck for what to wear, just put on Sex and the City and be prepared for some amazing fashion advice and inspiration.


Edited by: Sarah Holmes