7 Things I Hated About Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Just to prepare you there will be SPOILERS ahead so if you want to protect your sanity, do not read any further! You have been warned!

When Netflix announced the relaunch of the short but sweet four episodes for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, a universal scream could be heard across England. Fans have been left waiting and wondering after the abrupt ending of season 7. Gilmore Girls was not complete! Sitting down to watch the Netflix revival was supposed to be a happy time for all cheated fans, with cheers of excitement and happiness over seeing our favourite characters pop back onto our screens. After seeing the season though, I feel cheated all over again! Seeing infamous characters didn’t make up for some horrific moments littered across each episode. Obviously it is hard to pinpoint all of my most hated moments of the season...but I have provided a short list to express my disdain for this revival.

1. Who the hell is Paul?!!!

Why the hell was Paul necessary? He’s in it for literally seconds and even the majority of the cast doesn’t know who he is!!! Even Rory was sleeping with someone else, therefore cheating on a boyfriend that she wasn’t even aware existed. I’m sorry Paul...but your presence made me confused and angry the majority of the time your face appeared on the screen.

2. No one can replace Tristan!

I am not afraid to say that I paused on Tristan’s brief scene multiple times just to be certain that Chad Michael Murray did not reclaim his role as the loved/hated character of Tristan. A travesty! If it’s not Chad don’t bother including a clip of his face. Fans are too fragile for such deceit.

3. What was with that musical number? I admit I am a fan of a good musical number in a scene, but that dance number was just horrific. Why did it have to be so long? It looked like a badly done music video! Fans were only granted four episodes of this revival and therefore it should not be filled up with mindless dance numbers...

4. That wedding though…

The prospect of Luke and Lorelai marrying one day was all that kept fans going during this long wait. Luke and Lorelai are meant to be and that’s a fact! However, where was Sookie as the maid of honour? Where was Jess? Too many key people missed out on a wedding that should have been perfect, ruining Luke and Lorelai’s final end to their love story.

5. Where was the big Gilmore Girl reconciliation?

The whole show is built around the three generations of Gilmore Girls: Emily, Lorelai and Rory. They have had their ups and downs during the show which meant that the final scene in this series should have been a final heartfelt moment where all three Gilmore Girls walk off together and happy. But no...Emily was talking about whales. This makes no sense!

6. Why the hell did Rory and Jess not happen??!!

Netflix don’t you dare give a brief moment of possible love at the very end of the season just to tease us with the obvious sign that this love is never going to happen! Why do that? Our hearts are too fragile and vulnerable to have a Jess and Rory love story thrown at us and then taken away.

7. Those last four words

After the writer for the show left in season 6, all fans could do was dream and wish about what those last four words would have been. And then Netflix announced that this dream could actually come true for so many fans. But really??!! Rory’s pregnant?? That’s the last four lines. It just marks a horrible ending to a very ridiculous and confusing four episodes. Worst cliffhanger ever!

In short, Netflix you should have left Gilmore Girls alone and let the memory live on. Even though I got to see all my favourite characters again, I was happy to keep them young and carefree in my head. Hopefully the memories of the original season can overcome the memories of this messy revival.

Edited by Jess Shelton