7 Female Authors You Should be Reading

In celebration of International Women’s Month, Her Campus Nottingham bring you a list of some of our generation’s best female authors.

1. Roxane Gay

Much of Gay’s work is non-fiction and deals with feminism, gender and race. You’ll find that she is both sharp and incredibly insightful in her social commentary.  

Recommended: Bad Feminist - Essays

2. Louise Rennison

Louise Rennison’s (who recently, sadly passed away) books never take themselves too seriously but still often leave you with some sort of moral message. Her popular teen series - Confessions of Georgia Nicholson – are the perfect throwback to your awkward pre-teen years.

Recommended: Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging

(Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #1)

3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

Ngozi-Adichie Nigerian steps away from the conventional stereotypes of Africans and brings warmth and an authenticity to both her characters and her portrayal of the continent.  

Recommended: Americanah

4. Margaret Atwood

Reading Atwood is such an immersive experience because in her stories, nothing is quite as it seems. She’s incredibly prolific and  covers a wide range of themes such as  the loss of identity, alienation, gender and speculative fiction.

Recommended: The Handmaid’s Tale

5. Ali Smith

Smith’s style is unconventional and jarring, often challenging readers our own preconceptions about society. But she never preaches, and manages to be humorous throughout.

Recommended: How to be both

6. Mindy Kaling

As a comedian, actress, producer, and director, Kaling is multi-talented and has a wealth of experiences. So not only are her books hilarious, Mindy unintentionally becomes a wise friend.

Recommended: Why Not Me

7. Sophia Amorouso

Though only an author of one book, another on its way, Sophia Amorouso was inevitably going to be on this list. Her book #Girlboss as Lena Dunham describes it, is a movement. And a movement you’ll want to join if you’re looking to be motivated, inspired and empowered.

Recommended Read: #Girlboss

Happy Reading!


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