The 6 Types of Freshers You Will Meet On Moving Day

This weekend, the sight of crammed cars crawling up the motorway towards Nottingham will signify one thing: it’s moving day for UoN Freshers. It’s a day that people are thrilled and apprehensive about in equal measure; after 18 years living under your parents’ roof you are finally gaining the freedom you have longed for, yet for many moving into your new room in halls means the end of childhood and the beginning of adult life.

All the people you will meet in your new Nottingham home will deal with first-day-jitters in different ways, and so Her Campus has created a comprehensive guide of the types of Freshers you are bound to come across.

1.   The Emotional Wreck

This type of Fresher is the most likely to be a blubbering mess when bidding farewell to their parents. You will first encounter The Emotional Wreck by the sounds of sniffling coming from behind the closed door of their new room. Once coaxed from their room, they will introduce themselves with red eyes and a shivering bottom lip.  Starting university is a big step for everyone and some people are bound to get overwhelmed by the reality of moving into a new place; their waterworks display will soon pass, don’t worry!

2.   The Bashful One

Starting in a new place and meeting new people can seem very daunting to many Freshers, so you are guaranteed to meet some shy characters during moving day. When you try to engage in conversation with The Bashful Ones they may come across as reluctant to talk, but bear in mind they just feel insecure and will come out of their shells soon enough!


3.   The Overly-Confident One

In contrast to The Bashful Ones, you will also come across Freshers who fit into the Overly-Confident category. These people have been waiting all summer for this day and are ready to make the perfect first impression to their new neighbours. The Overly-Confident Ones will knock on your door whilst you’re still unpacking, greet you with a strong handshake and then invite themselves into your new room like they’ve known you for years.


4.   The Nervous Chatter

Easily confused with The Overly-Confident Ones, The Nervous Chatters disguise their moving day nerves by talking, and talking…and talking. Without asking, they will tell you where they’re from, how many pets they have, the names of those pets, their A Level Results, where they’ve been on holiday this summer, and everywhere they’ve been on holiday since 1999. Just smile and nod, guys, smile and nod.


5.   The Ready-To-Party One

The first thing these Freshers will ask you is ‘Have you got tickets for Baywatch!?’ Their number one priority for Week One is to show everyone how much of a party animal they can be. The Ready-To-Party Ones will invite you into their room to show you the impressive array of fancy dress costumes they’ve brought with them and the bar-sized quantity of alcohol they have ready for pre-drinks.


6.   The Snake

The Snakes will be on the lookout for cute neighbours to hook-up with during Freshers’ Week. The Snakes do not realise how bad of an idea preying on your neighbours is. It will only result in a case of awkward cringing every time you cross paths on the way to the bathroom until next June. Her Campus strongly advises you to BEWARE OF THE SNAKES (ssssss).


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