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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Every month new films and TV shows become available on Netflix, helping us avoid doing anything productive or worthwhile with our days. We have gone through everything new from the end of September to October to bring you the best excuses to avoid the reading and essays you’re already buried in.

1. Victoria – If you fancy being edgy in your film choices, this one is definitely a good decision. To put it simply, Victoria is a film based in Berlin, following a girl and her involvement with some German criminals. The film was shot in one take, with no cuts. Critics enjoyed it, hipsters couldn’t get enough; take a look at a film that only took 3 attempts!

2. Fresh Meat – The first 3 seasons of the Manchester university based comedy are now on Netflix. Jack Whitehall is hilarious and it if you have never seen it, it is essentially The Inbetweeners for University: relatable, witty and too easy to binge.

3. Black Mirror – This anthology series offers a different short tale every episode which all give some form of commentary on modern technology. Its subjects range from advertisers enslaving the population, to the prime minister getting sexual with a pig; this was strangely before #PigGate too, sorrynotsorry Dave.

4. Freaks and Geeks – Big names like James Franco (127 Hours, This Is The End), Jason Segel (Marshall from How I Met Your Mother) and Seth Rogen (Sausage Party, The Interview), give the most chilled take on 90s high school you will ever see. The actors are all young and they spend most of the time smoking weed and having sex. Its only downside is that it was cancelled after the first season.

5. The Big Short – Stay with me on this one. It has Christian Bale (the old Batman), Stephen Carrell (The Office USA – funnier than the UK version), Ryan Gosling (every male’s aspiration) and Brad Pitt (newly divorced) explaining the housing and finance collapse of the mid 2000s. Sounds horrendous I know, but Gosling explains the technical bits with the suave attitude he brings to every film – in a well-fitted suit. It’s funny, clever and unfortunately true, – see how savings can be sexy with this one.

6. Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids – This is a music documentary on the legendary Timberlake at the end of his 20/20 album tour. It’s predominantly a film showcasing his singing and performing skills, with some backstage shenanigans. If you’re a fan of JT or music documentaries this is for you.

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