5 Ways to Make the Most of Christmas

‘Oh Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind’. – Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

It’s easy to become wrapped up in the artificial grandeur of Christmas, with the lights, decorations, shopping buzz and all that yummy Christmas food. And I’m definitely guilty of too many fairy lights and hot chocolate, but this isn’t why Christmas is special. Keep reading for some festive real talk.

With the average British household spending over £800 on Christmas, it’s worth distinguishing the origins behind it, before a tradition of commercialisation takes hold. Christmas has its roots in Christianity, Judaism, the Ancient Greeks and European folk customs, making it a rich and diverse holiday that deserves to be celebrated for the right reasons.


Taking inspiration from these wide-ranging origins, here’s how you can make the most of Christmas (it's best to put your purse away):


Be helpful

Help those around you to make their Christmas load a little lighter. Lending a hand can often have just as much impact as a gift, making someone’s Christmas easier for them, and for you.


Be Kind

We all live our own busy lives. And as someone who has worked over the Christmas period either catering or in retail, I can honestly say a smile and a thank you goes a long way.


Be Patient

As most of us spend Christmas time with our family, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the usual family spats. Well, take one for the team and try to make them a little less likely this year by being patient with one another. (You know what he/she is like…)


Be (a bit) Selfish

In the weeks running up to the big day Christmas can become frantic, with last minute shopping, food preparation, party planning and more. For your own sake, please make some time to enjoy the things you might not on an everyday basis. Take a walk, read a book, watch a Christmas film or just chill out and enjoy a drink with your friends.


Be Thankful

This last one might be seen as a cliché now considering the countless cheesy films with this message at its core. Nevertheless, there’s good reason for it. For some Christmas is a hard time, so be grateful for what you already have, as well as what you might receive.