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5 Things Wrong with the New £5 Note

Recently the revelation that the new £5 note contained meat sparked outrage amongst vegetarians, vegans and animal rights activists. In light of these events, I have compiled a list of the top 5 worst things about the new £5 note.

1. It Contains Animal Products

The new notes contain tallow, which is made of rendered beef fat. Animal rights supporters are arguing that it is unfair that innocent animals are being killed over something as unnecessary as having a new design for a £5 note. It has also been argued that the Bank of England’s decision not to warn the public about the animal products that the note contains is ignorant and belittling to the beliefs of vegans, vegetarians and those who try to avoid animal products for cultural or religious reasons.

2. Churchill Features on the £5 Note

Churchill was an openly racist political figure. He believed in racial hierarchies, encouraged the use of chemical weapons against what he referred to as “uncivilised tribes”, and suggested that a famine in India was the fault of the citizens for “breeding like rabbits”.It is awful that in 21st century Britain that someone who held these beliefs can be considered an appropriate person to be printed on a bank note.

3. They aren’t worth it

Five pounds now isn’t actually worth that much anymore because of Brexit and the downfall of the pound. Thanks Farage.

4. They are not actually indestructable

As evidenced here, they can be ripped if you try hard enough. So much for that anti-tear design!

5. They are hard to handle

As any cashier will tell you, the new notes are very slippery; they all stick together and generally make giving customers their change a nightmare.

So is all this aggro even worth it for a shinier bank-note? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Edited  by: Amy Hawthorne









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