The 5 Most Annoying People You Encounter at Gigs

We’ve all been to gigs where we’ve been surrounded by incredibly irritating people, or have maybe been that irritating person ourselves. These people are an inevitable part of the gig experience. Here is a list of the five most annoying people you will encounter at gigs.

1. The Giants

Why do they always seem to gather at the front? Whilst us little people stand on tiptoes, craning our necks around what can only be called a human wall. When you see a giant approaching you beg them with puppy dog eyes, “Please, not in front of me!” Now these people have been upsetting people since gigs begun but at the end of the day, unfortunately they can't be banned. You can’t rationally hate these people because they can’t actually help it (unless they’re on stilts or wearing platforms). They get a fair share of abuse at gigs but 6”5 Tim can’t help his genes! The likelihood is they are with shorter friends and aren’t just standing at the front in all their gigantic glory to block your view. None the less, we plead…just don’t stand in front of me.

2. The Drunkard

There’s one/some at every gig, the one willing to fork out £50 for tickets to then get so smashed they don’t even remember it. This person is annoying to all the sober people around as they obliviously fall all over you, yanking your hair, jumping on your feet and spilling their drinks over you. They also tend to have been separated (or abandoned) by their friends because of their intoxicated state, so they don’t even have someone to try and control them. These people are annoying but after a few gigs you get used to them and it's actually quite nice to see the sheer enthusiasm as they jump around.

3. The Gasser

If you managed to avoid the giants and the drunkards, you might be stuck next to/behind an even worse culprit...Yup, that’s right you’re standing behind the gasser! The gasser tends to the one that has been drinking beer since the early afternoon and has no intention of stopping. Now that they’re in a densely populated, hot, sweaty room crammed with people, it’s their time to do what they do best. Guff. Mmm nothing stops you yelling lyrics at the top of your lungs than a sudden inhalation of poison, beer infused guffs.

4. The Recorder

These people are at every gig these days, probably those with the latest iPhone and media technology back at home that will later upload one of the many photos and videos taken accompanied by about 20 rather pointless hashtags. It is completely acceptable to take a few photos during a gig and even a video or two but the recorder is that individual that will stand in front of you and record the entire gig. You secretly pray that they get swept into a mosh pit and their phone gets smashed, just so you can enjoy the gig properly. Please make them stop. #BasicallyProPhotographers #VideosThatWillNeverBeWatchedAgain #CantYouSeeHowAnnoyingYouAre?

5.  The PDA Couple

The most annoying of all! I have no issues with couples at gigs, I have no issues with couples that make out at gigs. I do however, have an issue with the PDA couple that pushes to the front, blocks your view then proceeds to make out whilst standing on your feet the entire gig. We came here for a live music show, not a live sex show. I mean think about it- you’re in a crowded room with the gassers, it’s not exactly romantic! My personal space is already being violated I don’t want to be this close to you as you suck each other’s necks and lick each other’s armpits. We get it, you’ve got a boyfriend! Now go to the back so I can watch the gig without feeling awkward.

Edited by Katie Randall 

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