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5 Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up and go crazy with your make-up, but as it only happens once a year, you don’t want to feel just as frightened by our bank balance come November. Many Halloween costumes can be created by using things you probably already have in your wardrobe or with just a few inexpensive items. I have put together some inspiration ideas so you can look the spookiest at the party.


Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

Wednesday Addams is perfect for those of you with a darker hair colour. All you need to do is to put your hair in two plaits, apply a lighter shade of foundation to your usual shade and add a bit of darkness under your eyes. You’ll need a black dress, preferably with a white collar but this can easily be achieved by wearing a white shirt underneath. Now you look creepy and kooky, and altogether spooky! 

Regina George (Mean Girls)

She’s perhaps not the scariest looking but her character is the scariest of them all. All you need to achieve Regina’s Queen Bee look is an old vest top (definitely not a halter, you know how Regina feels about her man shoulders) with holes cut out, a bright bra underneath and a skirt. Bonus points for pink accessories and heels. But whatever, you know you’ll be getting cheese fries at the end of the night. So fetch!

Or I suppose you could go as a mouse. Duh.

Prom Scream

Now is the time to reuse all of those formal dresses you’ve only ever worn once. For the best prom night fright, add fake blood and rips to a formal dress with a prom queen sash and, of course, a tiara. These can be bought cheaply from most greetings card shops or fancy-dress shops. Make sure your make-up looks as messy as possible around the eyes, go heavy on the contour and don’t be afraid to load up on the dark eye shadow.


A classic but always a good one for those last-minute invites. Dress all in black and backcomb your hair to give it as much volume as possible. Apply a lighter shade of foundation and powder, some dark shadow on and around the eyes and a blood-red lipstick.

Contour your cheekbones using a grey shadow to give that thirsty-for-blood vampire look. To really make a spooky impression, add fake blood around the mouth, some fangs that can be bought from most fancy-dress shops and even supermarkets and wrap something around your shoulders to replicate a cape. Just channel your inner Cullen!

Mime Artist

Most of this look can be achieved with make-up. For the costume, all you need are some black trousers, a black hat, a striped top and a pair of gloves. For the make-up, apply a base of white face paint, some red lipstick and define the eyebrows using a black kohl pencil. For the eyes, you can get creative with black face paint. Perhaps add some tear drops or some diamonds on your eyelids. 

Don’t forget to mime that you’re in a box all night!

Edited by Tia Ralhan

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