5 Fashion Hacks To Get That Extra 10 Minutes In Bed

We have all been here; your alarm goes off and a feeling of dread starts to settle - it feels like you’ve had about an hour’s sleep and the prospect of your 9am lecture is not a great incentive to get you out of the door.

Everyone loves an extra 10 minutes in bed, so here’s some fashion hacks that mean you can press the snooze button guilt free and still make your 9am!

1. Plaits

Putting your hair in loose plaits before bed means that when you wake up, all you have to do is undo the plaits and your hair looks instantly ready for the day! To go the extra mile, you can even do a half up half down hairstyle - this combined with the beachy waves will make you look like you are actually ready and organised for the day. Another idea is to sleep in french plaits, because even after a night’s sleep, they look effortlessly cool.

2. Dresses

Dresses are such an under-rated item of daytime clothing. They are unbelievably convenient: you can throw one on and not even have to think about matching it with some jeans or trousers. A day time dress paired with a denim jacket and some converse looks so well thought out, but in reality it’s no effort at all!

3. A Choker

Simple yet unbelievably effective. You can take the most basic outfit - for example, black skinny jeans and a white top and pair with a choker to look stylish and cool! It works with almost every outfit!

4. Oversized sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are everywhere this season. Most UoN students can be found sporting branded sweatshirts (usually Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger,) but any oversized sweatshirt paired with black skinny jeans or leggings is easy, simple and effective.

5. Don’t go

There is of course the option to not go to the lecture… perhaps this is not advised, but pyjama days can be fashionable too, can’t they?


Edited by: Sarah Holmes