5 Easy Ways to Organise Your Life

Deadlines of all shapes and sizes are creeping nearer as term draws to a close. If it’s not coursework keeping you stuck in Hellward, it’s those grad job deadlines. The good news? Organising yourself can be a lot easier than it seems:

1. Buy a diary

It may be nearly the end of the year, but we’re still only in the autumn semester and there’s plenty of time to fill up those pages. Diaries are a great way to keep on top of day-to-day tasks. Filling out a timetable will also make sure you don’t ‘forget’ about that 9am next semester.  If you have a flexible deadline or you’re unsure of what you’re doing that day, write it on a post-it note first so you can change it as your plans do. Portable organisation is always a plus in my book!

2. Use phone reminders

The one item you’re likely to pretty much always have handy (unless you’ve smashed it in Crisis) is your phone. Phone reminders are a quick and easy way to make sure you know what you’re doing and when, even if it’s just to tell you’re due for a Tesco shop. 3. Purchase a mini whiteboard

This is possibly the best thing I’ve done all year- they’re little erasable saviours, honestly. They’re only a couple of quid each and it’s weirdly exciting deciding what colour marker to use for each task. Most importantly, they’re great for planning out your day/week and they can be hung somewhere you can see when you wake up. 4. Set yourself personal deadlines and goals This is one tip that needs a bit of willpower, but the end result is definitely worth it. If you have a big project/essay/application coming up and you know it’ll take you ages to finish in time, set ‘mini’ goals for yourself as you go along and a ‘big’ goal for the finished product. Just make sure this isn’t the same day as the deadline- it will reduce your stress levels by about one million per cent.

5. Have a Procrastination Day

It’s that important I’ve capitalised it. You know when you have a massive report to do and you end up hoovering your floor, baking a family batch of Oreo cookies and reorganising your entire wardrobe instead? Yeah, me too. Why not organise your procrastination too? Lock your textbooks in a drawer, close your emails and whip out Netflix for a well-deserved day off.


Edited by Tia Ralhan

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