4 Reasons The X Factor Should Be Left to Die

The X Factor is not what it used to be. It’s missing that certain … what would you call it … X Factor. Back in the day, 2004, it was new and exciting and captivated our attention.  But twelve years on, it has consistently losing viewers and continues to be slated by the press for one thing or the other; from contestant Honey G being secretly hired by the show, to rigging the vote. Every season opening show pulls in less viewers than the year before and by the second episode of this season over half a million viewers had been lost.

Why is this happening? Is it just that the show is too old and needs to be laid to rest? Other more exciting, novel reality television shows are taking the forefront now in weekend TV; the X Factor should perhaps bow out gracefully now whilst it still has some of its dignity rather than continue descending the downward spiral.

  1. The sobs stories

We all know Cheryl loved a good sob story. Someone could give any reason for coming on the show and before they’d even finished she would be in a flood of tears. Sob stories are just awful and repetitive. Initially we did feel sorry for such contestants. But then these stories grew so common that they lost their edge and now; it’s more of a shock to see a contestant come on simply because they like singing, rather than because of an ill family member whose final wish was for them to enter this rubbish singing competition. Stop trying to guilt-trip us into pretending your awful talent is decent, and stop trying to drag a disabled family member into it too.

  1. Is the show rigged?

There have been multiple scandals in the press that have suggested that the show is rigged.  Be it the ‘novelty acts’ that are approached and asked to audition to get views for the show or, the pre-decided winner of a vote off in the live shows. Who knows if there’s any truth behind the rumours but as they say, there’s no smoke without fire.

  1. Simon Cowell isn’t mean enough anymore

Come on Simon. You know how it was, Louis was the guy who said yes to absolutely everyone and you were the one who opposed him and rudely slated everyone’s singing abilities. Either that or you were making those hugely annoying statements of “you’ve just got 15,000 yeses” followed by Snow Patrol’s ‘Open Your Eyes’ which had been playing in the background dramatically reaching its climax. Now you’re too nice. The balance is off. Way off.

  1. Very few people ever make it big.

What’s the point of a talent show if the winners disappear into the cracks only months after winning the show? What has Louisa Johnson ever done?  Sam Bailey? Matt Cardle? Have they all fallen off the face of the planet?

Please, just let the X Factor die.


Edited by Susan Akyeampong