4 Haunted Hotels You Should Definitely Visit

When looking at hotels, most travelers already have an idea of what they want and, for a vast majority, paranormal activity isn’t something that makes the list. But if you’re a thrill seeker who’s not afraid of spooky things, here are four haunted hotels that you should definitely visit.

Jailhouse Accommodation - Christchurch, New Zealand

Built in 1874, the Jailhouse Accommodation originally served as a prison and military camp and while it remains to be one of the top-rated hotels in the country, it is also seen as one of the most haunted. Guests and staff have reported seeing apparitions moving throughout the kitchen and hallways, hearing voices with the feeling of being watched.

Grand Hyatt Hotel - Taipei, Taiwan

Rumour has it that the Grand Hyatt was built on a WWII execution ground and cemetery and, given its many hauntings, it isn’t surprising to see how these rumours have continued to circle. While no specific ghosts seem to have been identified, many people claim to have heard footsteps going up and down the hallways, strange noises coming from empty rooms and feeling like they are being followed.

Florence, Italy - Hotel Burchianti

Located in the heart of Florence, Hotel Burchianti is said to be haunted by many spirits. From children running up and down the hallways, to a woman knitting in a lobby chair and an apparition of a maid going about her daily chores, this hotel seems to be brimming with paranormal activity. The Fresco Room is said to be the most active, with guests describing a feeling of being watched and an icy breath on their necks as they fall asleep.

Toftaholm Herrgard - Lagan, Sweden

The haunting of the Toftaholm Herrgard in Lagan, Sweden is brimming with the romance and tragedy of a Romeo and Juliet story. Formerly a country home to a Baron, it is rumoured that a young peasant boy fell in love with the Baron’s daughter and, when she was married off to another, he hung himself in, what would later become, room 324. It is believed that he continues to haunt the hotel, hoping that his love might one day return to him.

Edited by: Tia Ralhan


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