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15 (Realistic) Student Resolutions for 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of talk of resolutions the past few weeks. However, we must remember that us students live a unique kind of life. Eat healthier? No problem, I’ve only got an old lettuce and some pasta in the cupboard. Swear less? That’s fine, you can’t talk in silent study anyway.

With the rude awakening that has arrived in the form of approaching exams, here are 15 New Year’s resolutions that we would be wise to stick to this new annum.

1. Don’t give up writing your lecture notes 20 minutes in. Put a shift in now and thank yourself later (next exam season)

2. When in Hallward, stop people watching and start essay writing

3. Delete all people on Facebook that still send you game requests (we’re so over Farmville and Candy Crush)

4. Attempt to work outside of your bed. Studies have shown you’re less likely to get a good kip if your body associates bed with workload…

5. Between KUWTK and MIC re-runs, maybe try and turn over to the news now and then. Unfortunately life continues beyond the bubble that is Lenton…

6. Decide on a meal schedule with your housemates so that you can kick your feet up every other day and (hopefully) be fed yummy foods

7. Download an app like ‘Chorma’ to divvy up house chores and add more drama to the already emotional decision of who’s going to take the bins out

8. Instead of dragging your sorry soul to the gym, try and find a form of exercise you actually enjoy…

9. On that note, why not take a little time for yourself and go on a date or two?

10. Attempt to go on the occasional walk to get some fresh air. You might find you come back to that beastly task and hate it a lot less…

11. And final years, you should probably dedicate an hour a week to the job hunt. Sorry.


12. For the sake of your New Year’s wallet, leave five minutes earlier and buy your alcohol in an establishment other than Sainsbury’s (try the One Stop or Bargain Booze)

13. Avoid taking money out at Ocean (therefore, go to Ocean with more money). In fact, take a week off Ocean and try another night out for a change. We can personally advocate Bodega’s infamous Pop Confessional!

14. Try not to drunk text

15. If you do drunk text (let’s be honest, probably your ex) shake yourself down, take an ibuprofen and tuck yourself in for a morning/afternoon/evening of KUWTK

Edited by Naomi Upton

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