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10 Ways to Feel More Attractive

The key to attractiveness is confidence. By working on yourself and taking pride in your appearance you immediately feel 10 times more confident! Here are some tips to help enhance your mood and your self-esteem!


1. Measure yourself

By measuring your hips, bust, waist and inside leg it’ll be easier to determine your size and buy clothes that sit better on you. It also makes shopping on Asos and other websites a whole lot easier. Clothes that fit instantly make you more attractive as they’re not too baggy or tight.


2. Posture

Having good posture is a guaranteed way to look more attractive. Work on your posture through yoga, ballet, pilates and yogalates. If you squeeze your bum in and raise your chin up as a general rule you’ll have good posture!


3.Take your makeup off every night and moisturize

This one speaks for itself! If you take care of your skin it’ll glow! Taking off your makeup ensures a fresher face in the morning and moisturizing will keep your skin from getting dry. Applying makeup flawlessly to dry skin is almost impossible!


4. Keep fit/you are what you eat!

Go for a run or take a fitness class like circuit training which embodies a great mix of cardio and strength workouts! Going once or twice a week will give you great results. The same goes for food – cut out the fizzy drinks, sneak vegetables into your spaghetti and make fruit salad for dessert!


5. Make your makeup look as natural as possible

Fabricant and Gould wrote for ‘Psychology and Marketing’ saying “we found that natural makeup was associated with earth-tone colors, whereas brighter colors are perceived as more artificial” – try those earth tones and cut down on the eyeliner!


6. Try a new hairstyle

A new hairstyle will make you feel pretty and feminine! Go for it! 



7. Your natural hair colour is said to be your most attractive. Strip back to your natural hair colour (or keep your natural hair colour) – confidence in your appearance is more beautiful than any hair dye


8. Dress for your body shape

Flatter yourself with clothes well suited to your shape. This is the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree. Work on the little things!


9. Painting your nails, shaving your legs, self-tanning and maintaining your eyebrows are all ways to make yourself feel attractive! If your hair is usually straight try curling it for a night out and watch the compliments flood in!


10. Smile!

Sociologists for European Journal of Social Psychology stated that their research found “smiling increased rated attractiveness when compared to a non-smiling neutral expression” there’s nothing more attractive in anyone than a smile – it shows you’re friendly, approachable and confident!


Edited by Ili Mustafa

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 Imogen Vance is a 3rd year Sociology student at Nottingham University and Co-Head of HC Notts Social Media. She is in love with Nottingham’s campuses and will be instagraming them like crazy this year! She loves to write about anything from Bridget Jones to photography! 
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