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10 Photos to Take in Nottingham Before You Leave

Whether you’re in Nottingham for a semester, a year or your whole degree, you’ll surely have seen your friends uploading those classic photos which let us all know they’re been in Nottingham. Her Campus gives you the countdown of the top ten photos you simply must take whilst here in Nottingham!


10: With the Major Oak

It’s a major part of the Robin Hood stories, this tree is located in Sherwood Forest (north of Nottingham) and only a 15 minute walk from the visitors’ centre. Get a picture with ‘England’s Tree of the Year 2014’ which is thought to be between 800 and 1000 years old. It looks a bit tired now and needs help standing up, but its great history makes it feature in our list.

Robin Hood’s alleged hiding place. Credit: Leona Hinds


9: At your department

Show your relatives (current and future) where you spent time studying at university. Even if you don’t have many classes here, it’s where you hand in coursework and see your tutor. If your building doesn’t have a sign, choose another of the university’s buildings which you love or loathe.

Be proud of your department! Credit: Pepe Escrig


8: With the Trent building

The Trent building is a pretty iconic building at UoN with it’s own history of special visiting lecturers such as Einstein, Gandhi and H G Wells. It is a grade II listed building and the clock tower rings out every 15 minutes. Take pictures from up close or from different points around the lake.

The building D H Lawrence described as an ‘iced cake’. Credit: Christine Zhenyan Bai


7: With the oldest English inn

Nottingham is home to the oldest inn in England, as is clearly written on its exterior walls. Robin Hood may have drank here, the old Sheriffs of Nottingham most probably did. You don’t need to go inside to get this iconic picture.

Snap this legendary pub, located just below Nottingham Castle.


6: Highfield’s lake

The beautiful lake at University Park campus, with its varied wildlife, is a great place to go with friends or on your own, throughout the year. There are trees, stepping stones, hire boats, swans and even those pesky geese to take photos with.

Get creative and find your own spot to snap. Credit: Sam Carey


5: Market Square

Market square changes its appearance with the different seasons. We have already seen the Christmas market, farmers markets, and the Wheel of Nottingham is the latest attraction. Market Square is the centre of the city and always buzzing with ice cream vans, children playing, weddings or other seasonal activities. Be sure to capture the Neo-Baroque council house in the background, did you know that one of the bells is called Little John after one of Robin Hood’s accomplices?

Market Square transformed into a beach, get your shades on! Credit: Shrey Sharma


4: Wollaton’s best loved creature

On the grounds of Wollaton Hall, there are two types of deer that are free to roam around the grounds. They are often seen grazing the fields and sometimes the stags are fighting with each other but they are generally gentle creatures. How close you choose to get to these mighty animals is up to you.

Deers grazing at Wollaton park, so idyllic and only a few minutes walk from campus. Credit Carolina Amado


“Love them, but can’t trust them”. Credit Rishi Pokar


3: Wollaton Hall

If you’re taking pictures of the deer, you’ll be able to spot the hall too. Probably most famous for being Wayne’s Manor in the Batman film, Wollaton Hall is a grade I listed building with a grand history and even grander design, both inside and out. The Hall is picturesque in both winter and summer so grab your camera and take some pictures here.

We’re not sure what’s up with these two, maybe they haven’t seen the hall yet! Credit: Dilpreet Chadha


2: With Nottingham’s favourite outlaw

When people say Nottingham, Robin Hood usually comes to mind. He’s the legendary outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. According to legend, he lived in Sherwood Forest, but would come to the city often. The legend still lives on today with Robin Hood pageants, tours and many streets are called after the stars of his story. Find his statue outside the Nottingham Castle Gatehouse.

Stopped in his tracks by Robin Hood’s mighty bow and arrow! Credit: Eric Israeliantz


1: With the Nottingham sign

A fairly recent addition to the grounds of University Park is the Hollywood-style Nottingham sign, located on Cripps hill. Here at Her Campus Nottingham, we believe you simply cannot leave Nottingham without getting all your friends together to take a picture here (selfies are also fine). It’s the cover photo of choice for many students and is a classic photo for the album.

The number one on our list, proud to be studying in Nottingham! Credit: Faith Locken


So there you have it, the definitive list of the top ten photos you must take before you leave Notts. Get your cameras, selfie sticks and Polaroids ready and start snapping before the term is over. Check out our Instagram for more pictures of Nottingham, the campuses, events and giveaways.






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