10 Friends Reactions For Every Christmas Day Situation

It's time to eat, drink and be merry. Here are our favourite Friends reactions to everything that goes down on the 25th...

1. It's time to give thanks for the one day of the year when 11am drinking is totally acceptable, if not expected:

2. And likewise, you can eat chocolate for breakfast without fear of judgement:

3. And then a relative asks what you want to do with your life after you leave uni. The answer is still the same as last year and that answer is still I have no blinking clue. Please let me enjoy the holiday without fear of impending failure. In fact, I propose that the topics of studying, loans and the lack of a boyfriend are out of bounds for the day.

4. Interrogation over, it's time to kick back and watch the stress of making the Christmas dinner from a safe distance:

5. And change into appropriate attire for the feast...

6. Powering through your Christmas dinner like:7. And then going back for seconds...

8. Ah, in come the drunk parents/uncles/older relatives. Need I say more?

9. Be prepared to give that Oscar-worthy performance after opening a present from a distant relative that you wouldn’t even give as a Secret Santa to your worst enemy:10. And finally, you've successfully made it through the long day of social interactions, withstanding your family and fake laughing at every dad-joke thrown your way without spontaneously combusting. A pat on the back, and a happy new year.

Edited by Naomi Upton

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