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Skincare TLC- figuring out what this bad boy needs.

Above all else, good skin is the secret to confidence. You can own the best make-up products of all time, used & recommended by professionals, but that means nothing if you’re not paying attention to keeping your skin healthy and feeding it what it needs to flourish. But of course, we already know this! If you know this but don’t know what your skin actually needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the time, we don’t know how certain things we either put in or on our bodies and put our bodies through can impact us, both temporarily and in the long run. Other times we do things because other people do it too, assuming the results will be the same, but then we never truly know! So, let’s get to know our skin for what it is and take care of it in the way it deserves: body, soul, and spirit. After all, good skin is liberation at its finest.

There is no way products can be trusted when they claim to cater to ALL SKIN TYPES.  How can this even be? It’s super helpful to know your skin type. Whether it’s dry, combination or oily, you cannot possibly have everything you need by purchasing one product that pertains to your skin type. Unlike baking a cake, your skincare routine isn’t about checking things off your list, it’s about how you tend to your skin – not what you buy for it.

According to an article by getthegloss, you could be certain of your skin type, and to you, that defines your every move when it comes to shopping for products. But what if you’ve got it wrong? Everything in the internal and external world affects our skin, from what we eat, hormonal imbalances, what touches our faces, dirt build-up, and so on. If, for example, your skin is becoming problematic and you know it’s oily, try looking for the root of the problem. Begin by switching up your diet, avoid touching your face, washing your face at different time intervals in the day, using a night cream- your face has to be a guinea pig for some time if you truly want to find out what works for you. If you keep doing the same things and not getting down to the cause of the problem you’ll continue to see the same results.

After considering all the other influences affecting you, think about how your daily skincare routine. Questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I using a scrub every day to wash my face (scrubs are intense), am I using a foaming cleanser or a non-foaming cleanser (this is usually gentler)?

  • How thick or thin is my moisturizer and at what time of the day do I apply it?

  • Do I apply a serum before?

  • Do I tone, and If so how often?

  • Are there days you are checking off to wear no makeup and simply use essential oils for your skin type.

It’s great that you’re picking up products for your skin type, but your skin is going to need a little more TLC by figuring out how to use those products and when. It sounds like a lot, I know, I freaked out too as I wrote this, but the good news is YOU are in control of it all. It’s going to take some effort, but then again, all good things take time and effort. Be patient, you’ll see results.

Personally, I never really cared about skincare routines or even taking care of my skin for that matter. My mom has always had such a huge collection of skincare products that I used to run into her room and borrow, and maybe sometimes never return them. It made it easier for me because I’ve always known I had dry skin (and all her products said for dryness), so in a way, I was actually learning a thing or two about taking care of my skin. My mom eventually got tired of me doing this, so she bought me a few products, to begin with since I was showing interest. It was a duo set from Ponds called “Flawless Radiance: Even tone Facial Foam and Day Cream.” Up until I received these products, I was a mess. I would wash my face with the regular dove soap I used on my body and moisturize with whatever moisturizer happened to be in my cabinet — sometimes Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, sometimes a random lotion.

I fully began exploring new skin care options when I went to boarding school and I’d go shopping for toiletries with my mom. I still stuck to Ponds and added their flawless radiance serum. Later, to step out of my comfort zone I began using the Garnier PureActive Deep Pore Wash, for dry skin. My skin was still so dry, and shockingly thirsty due to the salicylic acid and til this very day, I now know that is not for me. It’s safer to use gentle foaming washes instead of exfoliating daily and washing the life out of your face in an attempt to get it looking it’s best. That advice stuck with me. Besides growing up, this glow-up is not thanks to just water. I now really take time to carefully pick out the products I put on my skin. I make sure I hydrate and I consume the essential vitamins that I require for normal bodily functions and I try to ensure my daily diet is balanced. I’d be lying If I said I didn’t love fast food, I sure do! But I simply do not allow myself to eat junk all day. I need to have a little protein, fiber, a bit of greens, some carbs, and some good healthy fats from omega oils. I can’t just eat pasta all day and not feel guilty. I’ll feel greasy and start to breath heavy and funny and that’s the truth RUTH!


Pro-tip: low maintenance skin care routines are so effective! Don’t feel the need to use an abundance of products and strain yourself. Remember it’s how you do it.


Stay tuned and don’t forget to hydrate!

Lulu Seyvunde

Nottingham Trent '20

An easily impressionable adrenaline junkie, peace-maker and introspective idealist. I genuinely believe if there's a will, there's a way- and there's always a way. Studying marketing and branding, daily practicing the art of freedom of expression.
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