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Believe Me by JP Delaney: A Review

I read a lot of novels and often need them to be less confounding and more enticing. Novels that are written with fluid drama and simplistic language excite me. Not to sound dramatic, but I often wish I could eviscerate my mind when I am forced to read novels that delay the thrill and plot because I read to escape, to be excited and to learn. My patience has dwindled over the years for obvious adulating reasons and I love a good story told with an ever-ending grabber.

Boring books aren’t thrilling and I define them as uninteresting to my subconscious. Although interest is subjective, my instinctive nature to like interesting things stems from my love of mystery and plot twisting dramas and Telenovelas. So, believe me when I say JP Delaney served my purpose.



The protagonist, Claire is a godsend actress who earns a living as a cat-fisher with clients in high places. She ends up coiled in a murder mystery, which then leads to a love affair. Patrick, who becomes Claire’s lover, is a sociopathic creep who intelligently loves Claire to his demise. Essentially, Claire is paid by the FBI to analyze Patrick and pretend that the FBI is really after her only to doubly fool Patrick into believing that she is in love with him.

This book is jaw-dropping from start to finish. It’s almost as good as the thriller movie, Inception. There is really nothing more to draw out besides that it was a rollercoaster of plot twists after plot twists. I mean this book is a whole vibe and I highly recommend it those who enjoy a good psychological thriller.

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Lulu Seyvunde

Nottingham Trent '20

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