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5 Podcasts guaranteed to spark your own opinions on controversial topics.


Here’s a thought: you spend time scrolling through your home feed on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you retweet, repost and interact with others. Across each platform, the common denominator is that we love to take a stance on things. Especially being the “woke” generation, it’s safe to say that’s how we give off our introduction to those who don’t know us or just getting to know us.

Controversial topics usually have a knack for fuelling you to develop your standpoint on worldly matters whether social, political or economic. If you can relate to this, I suggest you add podcasts to your listening list, because they’re certainly going to get you sitting up straight. You’ll either agree with the podcast host and would like to tell them why or you have the opposite opinion. Regardless, they’re bound to get you thinking a little harder and talking a little louder too.


Why Listen to Podcasts?


  1. To keep you informed – you’re not only listening to interesting content, but you’re also learning as you go along about the topic spoke, as well as about the different perspective approaches there can be regarding that same topic.

  2. To keep you inspired! A lot of those who created a podcast are regular people who consider themselves to be content creators and use that platform share their thoughts. If they can make something out of themselves simply by being vocal and engaging, you can do anything that encompasses your passion as long as you simply start.


Podcasts have never really been taken as an avenue of entertainment by a lot of people, but today, as our screen time grows, we’ve been conditioned to speak up in school and continue to stay educated throughout life. The need to be heard grows stronger by the minute due to the mere fact that the growing population of the younger generation is continuously increasing. It just so happens that we’ve come to a time where the so-called “younger generation” is getting older and becoming the largest current population there is (so yes, we’re preparing to run things) and with that comes a sense of responsibility that we are in charge of what the future looks like.

What does this mean for podcasts? Podcasts are the younger generations’ opportunity to be heard and if you know you’re a fellow millennial, you’ll know the urge for it is almost second nature. So, in preparation for global takeover: ‘get opinioning.’ Besides, these days you can’t afford to not wow someone in a conversation. Here are five of my favorite podcasts to get you started:


Small Doses with Amanda Seales:



If you watch her on Insecure, you know she can get a genuine laugh out of you, however, she can also lack a filter. She’s not for everyone, but if you relate to what she’s saying, it’ll hit you to your core, especially if you’re a womanist/feminist and are repelled by toxic masculinity! Believe that. Listen to her on iTunes Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.


The Daily Show Podcast with Trevor Noah



It’s TREVA. This podcast is hosted by The Daily Show’s very own host and comedian Trevor Noah who says what everyone else is literally thinking. Trevour Noah brings comfort around typically sensitive topics and conversations, which is refreshing because if it’s factual why dance around it? He doesn’t think too much before he says something and it’s hilarious to watch because it’s crossed my mind at one point or another. If I can’t say it because people tend to tred lightly around controversy, I’m glad someone else is able to address it. Available on Spotify, Sticher and iTunes Podcast


The brilliant idiots



Starring Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schultz: it’s a great listen because Charlemagne says everything on his mind and Andrew Schultz makes a joke out of everything, and that’s what makes it feel so light-hearted. You could listen to this while you’re walking and forget how stressful all the assignments you need to complete are because there’s a lot going on but life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Get a laugh out of your day and be excited about it! It’s either that or you’re miserable. Laugh at yourself and remember to do or surround yourself by little things you can draw happiness from. Catch the two on SoundCloud and Spotify.


The Chai Podcast



Bringing you unsolicited advice you should probably right down by three different but absolutely fitting FEMALE young adults, trying to establish themselves and in doing so have a few words they’d like to get out as individuals regarding close-to-home topics such as importance of sharing mental-health experiences, experiences of dating in your twenties and social media “dragging” experiences. What’s to love? Neema’s bold-stance on men and being a Creative in Africa, Arafa’s sarcasm and her realistic humor, Nuura’s honesty about her feelings. Presented bi-weekly by Arafa, Nuura, and Neema on iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher and SoundCloud.


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