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Your Night, As Told By Your Drink Choices

Move-in is in full swing.

Freshmen are wearing lanyards around their necks, upperclassmen are tackling their roommates, and yelling to their friends across the quad. Boxes and tubs and suitcases are piled high outside waiting to be hefted up several flights of stairs. All around campus, “Welcome to Notre Dame” echoes. Anticipation for the start of classes, the return of football, and the approach of Syllabus Week is high in South Bend.

Whether you spent your summer drinking cheap beer, fancy cocktails, or only having the occasional beverage, your liver is inevitably unprepared for the onslaught of alcohol that seems to bombard even the most well-intentioned students. Before homework, papers, and group projects start taking up more of your time, feel free to imbibe to excess.

So what do your drink choices say about the night you’re going to have? Read on to prepare (at least mentally) for Syllabus Week.

Cheap Beer:

This can range from Keystone, Natty and PBR, to slightly classier domestics like Bud, Miller and Coors. If you’re planning on participating in a power hour, shot-gunning, or inevitably blacking out, the first three are the most economical option. You’re looking at a night full of dorm party hopping or sitting around with your buddies to pregame. Drinking games are sure to be played. If you’re a senior, you might find yourself at Finni’s. Who can pass on the bargain of their 32-ounce beers?


Unless you’re slapping the bag or drinking Franzia straight from the box, this probably isn’t the best Sylly Week choice. It’s good for a girl’s night in, catching up with your besties, but save this for a night of catching up unless you don’t mind crashing early.


If your evening starts with shots, odds are you’re looking at a night to remember (or one that you can’t remember). A great choice for pregaming for Feve, house parties, dorm parties, or pretty much any of your favorite bars. Bonus points if you take tequila shots correctly, with lime and salt. And gold stars for you if you don’t need a chaser.


Probably the most flexible mixer. If you have a flavor for mixing flavors, you can play bartender for your friends. Regardless of how much the vodka burns going down or how smooth it tastes; you’re looking at a good night. A fitting start before Brothers, Corby’s, or Finnie’s.

Craft Beer:

Well aren’t you fancy. I’m rather partial to craft beer at the moment, after spending all summer hitting up breweries in Denver. If you’re drinking heavier beer with more complex flavors, you’re probably catching up with close friends or looking at a night at O’Rourke’s.

Bourbon or Whiskey:

There are two types of people: those who love Fireball and those who don’t. If you’re throwing back shots of Fireball, you’re ready to rage at any of your favorite SB bars, in the dorms, or at a house party. If your whiskey tastes are a little more refined, you’re probably sipping on whiskey sours or whiskey and cokes with some Jim Bean, Jameson, or Bushmills. If you’re a bourbon drinker, you may still be headed for the same crazy evening, but you also could be having a classier soiree with some of your friends, enjoying old fashioneds, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses or Maker’s Mark on the rocks.


Oh rum! I used to be a Captain and coke fan, but I’ve grown partial to Malibu and some kind of fruit juice (pineapple, cranberry and triple sec all go great with the coconut flavor). Malibu also makes a spiced rum that I love in Doctor Pepper. And you can’t go wrong with Bacardi, it mixes almost as well as vodka.

8.  Tequila:

You know what they say: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. I’m sure you’re more prepared for Syallbus Week than the saying suggests. Don’t forget to buy some limes at Martin’s. Everyone should properly take a tequila shot at least once in their life. You may be looking at a rough morning, but I guarantee you’ll have a great choice, wherever you choose to get your Sylly on. Remember: lick salt, shot, lime.

Vermouth, Gin, Scotch, Bailey’s:

If you’ve branched out into these or similar beverages you’re a special soul. You probably are a pro at mixing your own cocktails, enjoy your alcohol on the rocks, or you like a good night cap. You’re probably not raging, but kudos to you for enjoying the finer things in life, like a gin and tonic or dirty martini.

Non-alcoholic Beverage:

There’s no shame in not drinking, so if you choose not to partake, don’t feel bad. It is possible to have fun without alcohol. Enjoy yourself, whether you choose to stay in or go out. You may be the DD, not a big drinker, or you may still be hung over from yesterday. Do what feels right for you and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for passing.


Be safe, my friends, and be Sylly. If you’re going off campus, take a cab, appoint a DD, or walk in big groups, on main, well-lit streets. In the words of Lee Brice, “Here’s to the nights we won’t remember and the friends we won’t forget.”


Happy Syllabus Week 2015!


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