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Your Last Minute Christmas Wishlist

We’re less than a week away from Christmas and while we all hope that all of the Christmas shopping is done, the craziness of finals may have gotten a bit in the way of that. So if your mom is still bugging you for some last minute additions to your Christmas list, you’re still looking for what you can get your roommate or even if you just need ideas for what you can get yourself in the buzz of post-Christmas sales (even Santa can’t get everything), here are some last minute Christmas list additions to help you out.

1)   New leggings

Of course, you already have about twenty pairs but you can always use another. If nothing else, the last month of school has probably proved to you that you might actually need a few new pairs (if only to protect you from doing laundry one extra day during an extra stressful crunch time). Luckily for you, there’s tons of cute leggings released just in time for the holiday season. Maybe it’s time to spice up the traditional black leggings and try something with a little more decoration. There’s no better time than Christmas to mix up your wardrobe.

2)   Baublebar Hidden Baubles

These, of course, will need to be ordered before Christmas and the deal ends but if you’re looking for some nice jewelry that won’t break your bank, these deals are perfect for you. All twelve are priced between $10 and $20 (which is a serious mark-down for most things on Baublebar) and there are some seriously cute items. These are perfect if you’re still looking for last-minute Christmas gifts for that hard-to-buy-for sister. If you can wait until after Christmas to deliver the gift, they’ve even got free ground shipping!

3)   Tech gloves

Winter may not have fully hit South Bend yet but we all know that it’s coming and quickly. Gloves are a definite must for walking between classes in January, February, and even March. Of course, we all know that gloves can be exceptionally annoying when you’re trying to text your parents back, scroll through your Instagram feed or just change your music. That’s why these tech gloves are an absolute must for this winter. There’s tons of options for these out there, from nicer cashmere options from Kate Spade to $5 pairs from Target.

4)   Tech earmuffs

These are along similar lines to the point before. Keeping your ears warm during the winter is important when walking between classes, especially when your hair looks too good for a hat. This means that it is definitely not the time for ear buds. With fuzzy headphones, you can listen to your music and keep your ears from freezing once we return to classes in January.

5)   Bath bombs

It’s been a stressful end of the semester—it always is. If there’s one thing you can’t do at school, it’s take a bath (unless you have your own private bathroom). Find one of these from Lush or make your own using this Pinterest recipe. It’ll help you relax while leaving you smelling nice. There’s nothing quite like a good-smelling bath to help you unwind from finals season.

6)   All the holiday treats, family time and sleep you could ask for.

Honestly, this is what winter break is really all about. It’s Christmas and that means its time for tons of sugary treats and catching up with all the family you haven’t really seen since the summer. Don’t worry too much about the material gifts and appreciate having three weeks we get to avoid worrying about any schoolwork (remember high school when that wasn’t an option?). Sleep. Eat. Hang out with all the people you love and don’t see regularly. Then return to campus in January, ready to attack the new semester.  

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Caelin is a sophomore who is currently majoring in English with a supplementary major in Irish language and a minor in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy. She is originally from Missoula, Montana (and believes that Montana actually is one of the best places on earth—even if there's only a million [human] residents). She is a little bit in love with all things Irish (mostly those things from Ireland itself, though she's a pretty big fan of the Fighting Irish too). She loves baking, New Girl, Criminal Minds, and reading. You can find her on Twitter (@caelin_miltko) and Instagram (@cmiltko).
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