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You’re a Perfect (#)10 to Me, Brady: An Ode to Brady Quinn

Oh Brady, My Brady…

Let’s face it. Anyone who knows me knew this article would be coming sooner or later.

For those of you readers who are completely unaware, I have been obsessing over former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn since 2005. You read right, ladies, it’s been nine wonderful years of me holding a man who doesn’t even know I exist on a pedestal. As creepy as this all probably sounds, I assure you it’s not. Most of you might think I admire Brady Quinn based solely on his beautiful physique; however, my devotion goes much deeper than this surface level.

This “Brady Quinn” craze all started on a crystal clear evening in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The date was September 3, 2005, and I was an awkward, brace-faced “pre-teen” (as I liked to refer to myself) battling the trials and tribulations of a typical 6th grade girl. All I cared about in my life was boys, shopping at Limited Too and planning out how I would become the next greatest pop star singer and hip-hop dancer (SPOILER ALERT: plans for the latter unfortunately never went through). My family made the trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh to witness an unranked Notre Dame, coached under first year head coach and ex super bowl winning Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, take on the #25 Pittsburgh Panthers. Now let me tell you, I was not having it with traveling to Pittsburgh that weekend. I wanted to stay home with my friends, not go to a stupid football game where I would have no idea about what was happening on the field. However, my mother promised me that a shopping day was on the schedule, so I figured I could work with it.

Saturday arrived and we woke up early to go watch ESPN’s College Gameday live. The atmosphere surrounding the College Gameday set was electrifying, as hundreds of people were gathered around donning Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Pittsburgh Panther gear. This was the first time I was introduced to ESPN analysts Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Chris Fowler and Erin Andrews. They were so lively and excited, pumping up the crowd for the evening’s game. I still didn’t fully understand the hype of it all, but I tried having a fun time regardless.

As nighttime fell, my family trekked from our hotel to Heinz Field for the game. We got our seats in the nosebleeds and my father handed me a pair of binoculars so I could see the action on the field below. I immediately peered down on the sidelines, curious to see all the coaches and players warming up. As I scanned the field, my eyes caught a glimpse of the beautiful young man who I now love and adore: Brady Quinn.

It was as if a lightening bolt of love had hit me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Brady, and I remember thinking to myself “WOW HE IS SOOOOOO DREAMY” (I wish I was exaggerating my 6th grade girl emotions). His flowing brown hair, well-structured jaw line, perfectly white smile, and piercing brown eyes captivated my heart, reeling me in like a fish.

Okay so maybe in the very beginning I was attracted to his beauty. However, with opening kickoff, my view of football and sports in general began to reshape. After discovering who Brady Quinn was, I begged my father to purchase a game day program for me. As soon as I obtained the program, I immediately searched through the pages for any information I could get my hands on about Brady Quinn. As I read up on Brady, I also learned about the rich history of Notre Dame football and the various coaches and players on the team. I suddenly began to notice the tradition, the atmosphere and all the hype that surrounds Notre Dame football. With this, my views evolved, and I suddenly realized that football was more than just a game – It was an experience.

I began asking my father and my brother questions about the basics of football: offense, defense, positions, penalties, downs, formations etc. I badgered them into telling me what was happening during each play of the game. I analyzed the field and players, trying to lock down names with jersey numbers. It was as if nothing else in the world mattered except football. I can somewhat attribute who I am now incredibly passionate about in my life to Brady Quinn. Without noticing him, I probably wouldn’t have struck an interest in football. There was no going back to my girly-girl ways once I became interested in the game. As years flew by, I started expressing an interest in a variety of sports other than college football, such as college basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. This expansion of my passion to almost all sports would not have happened without my passion for college football, and that passion for college football might not have happened without my passion for Brady Quinn.

So thank you, Brady Quinn. Though I may have exaggerated slightly, you truly aided in my discovery that sports, especially college football, were what I was passionate about.

Now let’s talk about other reasons why I’m obsessed with Brady Quinn:


Intelligent and Eloquent

Other than being a star football player, we must remember Brady Quinn is also a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. While at Notre Dame, he did not skimp out on attaining a wonderful education. Brady Quinn graduated from the University of Notre Dame earning a dual degree in finance from the Mendoza College of Business and political science from the College of Arts and Letters.

This man is no dumb jock.

While earning these highly creditable degrees, Brady also executes nothing but class since being in the NFL. In a press conference after the Chiefs-Panthers game in 2012, Brady Quinn made a public statement about the apparent murder-suicide of his teammate, Jovan Belcher. He couldn’t have been more eloquent in his speech, evoking honest and thoughtful emotions amongst the press. Check it out below:


Marketing Extraordinaire

All right, now this one might be a bit of a stretch, but you know he suckered me into buying EAS Myoplex even when I didn’t work out.

The way he says, “Now I’m done” has me swooning every time I watch. 


Looks phenomenal in any jersey

Since graduating, Brady Quinn has played for multiple teams in the NFL. Regardless of what you think about his NFL career, you can’t deny that he looks amazing in every single team’s football uniform. Despite changing between #10 and #9, Brady is still a perfect 10 in these ensembles. See for yourself:

Now was I right or was I right?


Community Service – The 3rd & Goal Foundation

Many of you might not know this, but Brady Quinn also gives back to the community through the 3rd & Goal Foundation. As chairman for this organization, Brady Quinn is committed to making a difference in the lives of our US veterans. The 3rd & Goal Foundation assists veterans facing homelessness and veterans requiring home improvements in order to make their lives more comfortable. The organization assists veterans in the Greater Columbus, Ohio, and South Bend, Indiana regions.

If interested, visit http://www.3rdandgoalfoundation.org for more information on how you can donate.

A man who cares about his community? Definitely a winner in my book!

And there you have it! If you didn’t know about Brady Quinn before, now you do. 

You will always be my #1, as well as a perfect #10 to me, Brady!

XOXO, Rebecca

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