You Know You're Having a Notre Dame Withdrawal When...

We’ve officially made it to the one-month mark of summer. And, truthfully, it’s about time. If the first month passed this slowly, then how will we ever make it through another two-and-a-half?!

Even though we may be living in beautiful, sunny Southern California, interning in bustling Chi-town and NYC, or jet-setting across the globe, I think we can all agree on the one place we want to be most: South Bend, Indiana.

The "Notre Dame Withdrawal," if you will, is most definitely in full effect. If you think you’re even slightly suffering from the Withdrawal, you might be experiencing some (or, perhaps all) of these symptoms…

1. Your Group Chat is blowing up 24/7

You and your best friends may be scattered across the country, but your Group Chat ensures you don’t miss a beat of each other’s life. And, without fail, every conversation ends with everyone agreeing that you can’t wait to be back on campus together.

2. After you purchased your football tickets, you eagerly made a calendar with all the Notre Dame games penciled in for this upcoming season.

Yes, we are that excited. Only 11 more weeks until game day. Bring on the tailgates, cheers, stadium pushups, and ND victories!

3. You can’t bear to be asked one more time, “What sorority do you live in?".

“No, we don’t have Greek life. Yes, we still have fun,” has become your automated response. It just makes us love our dorms all the more.

4. Changing your desktop background to something like this:

So cliché. So beautiful. 

5. When 9 p.m. on Thursday night rolls around, it feels wrong not getting ready for a night out at Club Fever.

It’s a Thursday tradition. Michiana’s hottest nightclub is the place to be.

6. Especially when your entire Instragram feed leading up to Thursday night has been a ceaseless stream of #tbt pictures of football games, darties, roommates, and The Dome.

This really does not help our efforts at coping — it makes the Withdrawal all the worse.

7. You tried paying for Starbucks with your Notre Dame ID card.

Oops… This is not La Fun.

8. Sporting your Notre Dame shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. makes you feel better.

It brings the Home Under The Dome just a little closer.

9. Having your own room at home is suddenly not as enjoyable as living in basically a 5x5 closet with your best friends.

You crave the pillow talks, borrowed clothes, dance parties, junk everywhere, and especially the endless laughs that were too good they brought you all to tears.

10. You’ve looked back through your photos from this year at least twice, wishing you could relive all that again.

Not to mention the number of unattractive selfies you found.

11. When someone asks you how your summer is going, your immediate response is, “It’s good, but I want to go back to ND already!"

It’s the 100% truth. A few months could be shortened to a few weeks. 

12. And, you know the only thing that will cure this Withdrawal is being back with the whole gang under The Dome.

The end of summer can’t come soon enough, but we can get through the Withdrawal together. See you in 75 days, Notre Dame! 

Not that anyone’s counting.  

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