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Y’all, I’ve Got Senioritis



I would like to take a minute to applaud all of you seniors who have been grinding it out all year to keep on top of your work and maintain GPAs. Honestly, as the school year comes to a close (and we face the daunting task of leaving this Oh so sacred bubble we call home for the real world) I am not sure how senioritis hasn’t kicked into full effect for you all. I’ve certainly suffered from it all year. Heck, I have had it since freshman year! I am burned out. It isn’t that I don’t care anymore; I certainly would like to better or, at least maintain, my GPA – so law schools won’t flat out reject my applications.

It’s just that I’m so freaking tired from 18 years of school that I just don’t want to care anymore.  So it’s been very hard for me to pick up a book and read for class, and even worse when I sit in discussions for books I haven’t read yet. Although I have perfected the art of BS-ing – for it is what we are unofficially taught in the college of arts and crafts – I picture my fellow senior classmates putting a “dunce” cap on my head every time I open my mouth to comment when I have not read.

But really though ladies, how are you doing it? This is a serious question. I feel as if every senior was given an Adderall pill at the beginning of the school year and I somehow missed out on the prescription. It’s not like I’m spending my nights out and my days hungover, (that would actually be productive). I just don’t feel as if I am getting anything accomplished.

Outside of my thesis and a couple of capstone projects, I find it hard to dedicate my time or energy to any other class. I legitimately forgot to study for a midterm until two hours before the exam! What is that? I just don’t know what happened to my studious freshman self. I am hoping that those seniors in my class are those few outliers, because I would feel even worse than I do if I were alone in this.

Tell me that I am not alone… Please? No, really, please?  And to all the bionic seniors, STOP IT! You’re making the rest of us – me – look bad! 



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