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Why You Should Watch Shane Dawson’s Newest Documentary

Whether you’re a makeup artist, a youtube fiend or just looking for the next series to binge, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” should be at the top of your list. If you don’t already know, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson collaborated on a makeup palette, and this series documents the process of its creation. Photo from Jeffree Star’s YouTube Channel

Although the series displays real events, I would argue that the characters involved are more interesting than those in any fictional show. As a multi-millionaire business owner, Jeffree Star takes the role of “mob boss,” as Shane describes. This means that he orchestrates all of the work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to product development. Shane, on the other hand, is a first-timer discovering the beauty and horror of the world of makeup. Simply put, the two of them make for an unexpectedly powerful duo that is more entertaining than any other on reality TV.

I had never watched Jeffree Star or Shane Dawson videos prior to seeing Shane’s first documentary with Jeffree, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” but by the end of the first episode, I felt like I had been watching them for years. After watching this series along with Shane’s other documentaries–as well as following Jeffree on Snapchat–I felt incredibly invested in both of their lives. This connection made the latest series much more special to watch. Seeing their products coming to life was like watching the most beautiful birth. 

Allowing their audience to witness the discussions of shade names, palette arrangements, pricing and swatching the product for the first time was the best promotion that Shane and Jeffree could have implemented. I have bought a fair amount of makeup, some more expensive than I would expect their palette to be, but I have never felt so personally attached to a product the way that I do to Shane and Jeffree’s palette. What they have created together is so unique and original that I will not be able to help myself from buying it when it is released. To add to my excitement, I have never purchased a product from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I am dying to see if the quality of the product is as fantastic as he claims it is.


*Spoilers Ahead*


Photo from Shane Dawson’s YouTube Channel


Like any other quality series, there is a fair amount of conflict in “The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star.” The latest episode features the discussion of the #ShaneDawsonisOver drama and how Shane handles the controversy during a critical time in the palette’s production process. On the same day, Jeffree had one million dollars of makeup stolen from his warehouse. Seeing the pair go through these challenges while taking on such a large project makes me appreciate the final outcome even more–it signifies their success despite opposition.

The episode ends with a special, beautiful moment between Shane and his fiancé. Watching Shane propose to his boyfriend, Ryland, puts the whole series in perspective and serves as a means to remind the audience that he and Jeffree are real people with real emotions.

Photo from Shane Dawson’s YouTube Channel


Only three episodes in, this series has made me laugh, cry, and think hard about my own life choices. The show is not only interesting to watch as a fan and makeup enthusiast, but it is also inspiring and uplifting to witness two people overcome their challenges while remaining true to themselves. What’s more, the way the videos are edited goes to show how creative and talented Shane and his editor truly are. They succeed in creating art by documenting the creation of art.


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