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Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday

Halloween has barely turned over in its grave, but it’s already time to look forward to the greatest holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!!! You’ve heard all the songs about the most wonderful time of year, but let me assure you that it’s not Christmas (Christmas is still awesome though). If you aren’t convinced, let me show you why Thanksgiving deserves the title of the best holiday ever!


There’s nothing like rushing down the stairs to the kitchen to help cook your favorite dish, bake your favorite dessert or set the table with family. I always learn so much about my family while waiting for food to cook, over dinner or cleaning dishes together. My mom tells stories about her childhood and being the only girl in the house, my grandma always tells the story of how her father brought home a live turkey from the fair for thanksgiving and my uncle gives detailed reports of his time working on Thanksgiving day in his early career as a cop. Thanksgiving is all about celebrating our gifts, and family is the best gift to cherish and honor on the holiday.

All about food

Not only is Thanksgiving all about family, but it’s also all about the food. There is no single meal that quite captures all the best foods like a magnificent Thanksgiving spread does. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing (or dressing if you’re weird like my mom), green beans, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, apple pie and so much more. My stomach is grumbling already!

No pressure of gifts

Trust me, I like presents as much as the next girl, but sometimes it’s a lot of pressure. What’s my budget? How much should I spend on one person? Will this person like my gift? What if I get something I don’t like? Will I have to fake it? None of these questions matter when it comes to Thanksgiving. You yourself and the people you’re with are the gift, and there is no pressure in that!


This holiday champions unbuttoning your pants after dinner, lounging on the couch, taking a little turkey nap and sipping coffee on a big lounge chair by the fire. Don’t put on your stuffy Christmas turtleneck–throw on your stretchy pants to sit down at this awesome holiday.

Kick-off for Christmas

Now I think that I have been unfair to Christmas. I love Christmas. I love the lights, the snow, decorating my tree and the great music, but you know what kicks it all off? Thanksgiving! Once Thanksgiving and Black Friday get the ball rolling, the holiday season is officially in full swing!

Learn politics

A lot of people don’t like to talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner. However, this is how I keep up with current events. If it weren’t for political debate at the dining table, I would have no idea what’s going on with the government or even my local news. The awkward Thanksgiving political talk always inspires me to be a more active citizen and try to start paying attention to the news. Just another reason why Thanksgiving is the best national holiday!

The Parade

I’m a sucker for celebrities and highschool bands and giant inflatable Snoopy balloons waltzing down the streets of New York City. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is iconic and really draws you in with all of the flashy colors, float designs, celebrity performances and wacky pop culture references from the year in balloon form. What other holiday has all that?

This list could go on and on with all of my small family traditions, but I believe that’s the beauty of Thanksgiving. Everyone has their own practices and quirks that make the day special to them. So don’t worry, we are now only 25 days away from the best holiday of the year!!

Addison Quinn

Notre Dame '22

Hi all! I am from Granger, IN (a lengthy twenty minute drive away from campus) and Ryan Hall is truly a home away from home! I am an intended Marketing major with a Collaborative Innovation minor, but I love trying new things! I’d say my spirit animal is a giraffe because I’m tall, awkward when I run, have a longer than average neck, and don’t drink nearly enough water.
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