Why GreeND Wants You to Break Up

With Valentines day now squarely behind us, we've all had a chance to look back and analyze our love lives... or lack thereof. Some of us celebrated romantic love. Others were kindly reminded of their singledom (this girl). And some saw their love stories crash and burn. No matter where you are on the spectrum of heartache the good old folks at GreeND definitely want you going through a breakup this year. No, they're not trying to keep you from bae, just fossil fuels. 

Last semester, I wrote a piece telling you all about the GreeND divestment initiative. The cliff's notes version: GreeND wants to rally students, faculty, and staff to encourage the University to remove all endowment money from support of fossil fuel companies.

Last semester, the group staged a demonstration at the office of Father Jenkins. After staging a door-to-door signature collecting campaign, GreeND leaders, Garrett Blad and Katie Otterbeck, and GreeND's members delivered the signatures and held a 9-minute long moment of silence for those negatively effected by fossil fuels.

This semester they're back and ready to drum up even more community support. Their first step? The "break up with fossil fuels" event. 

International Divestment Day fell just before Valentine's day, so in that spirit, GreeND took to the doors of DeBart to encourage students to "break up" with fossil fuels. Armed with a camera and a prop heart, they snapped a bunch of gems like the one below along with #Divest as part of an international campaign to raise awareness about the divestment movement. 

This is the first in a series of planned events intended to teach the student body about the divestment initiative. 

GreeND plans to have outreach events every few weeks which people, members and non-members, new and old, can get involved in. We Are 9 (GreeND) meetings are held every alternate Tuesday at 8:15 in Geddes Hall and all students are welcome to attend. 

For more information about GreeND and their divestment initiative, you can visit their Facebook or follow their Instagram.


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Images Courtesy of We Are 9 (GreeND)