Which Dorm Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Have you ever wondered what dorm matches your zodiac sign or what zodiac sign matches your dorm? Me too! Well, wonder no more because I have the answers.

Aries- Welsh Fam & Siegfried

           Not only are you competitive, but also you’re a winner. Being on top is your mission in life, so of course you would be one of these two talented and athletic dorms. Unfortunately, you can be a little wild, so don’t let your rector catch you on one of your infamous nights out.

Taurus- PE & Dillon

           You’re very down to earth and people feel comfortable around you. You make new friends easily and are not afraid to branch out. Whether it the warmth of your fire or the coolness of your milkshakes, everyone loves you.

Gemini- BP & Zahm

           Gemini’s get a bad rap, and so do these two dorms. Sorry, nothing personal, it’s just how it is. Maybe it’s your tendency to steal things from other dorms or just the fact that you’re a pig, but people don’t really like you. You’re not all bad, but people make it seem that way.

Libra- Howard & Keenan

           You’re pretty level-headed, but you still know how to have a good time. You love to strive for equality and justice, whether its getting Green Dot certified or making sure that everyone feels included.

Cancer- McGlinn & Carroll

           Being in touch with your sensitive side isn’t a bad thing, and you know how to tap into your emotions better than most people. Maybe it’s the long walks you take to and from everywhere, but it seems as though you have had plenty of time to think about the deeper meaning of life. Unfortunately, your need for attention makes you overly willing to share all of your profound revelations with those around you.

Leo- Stanford & Ryan

           It’s a beautiful day, but you’re too busy looking down on everyone else to notice. Drama is your forte and you definitely know how to start it. Maybe it’s your excellent locations that have got you feeling so full of yourself, but don’t forget that other dorms are good too.

Virgo- Alumni & Flaherty

           Oh Virgo, The Virgin. Nuf’ said. Jk. Apparently, you vape too.

Scorpio- PW & Keough

           For you, it’s all about the grind. Hard work and dedication pays off and you never forget it. You inspire those around to reach their full potential and you are unafraid to do what it takes to succeed. Try not to step on others on your way to the top and remember that a little relaxation can do you a world of good.

Sagittarius- Sorin & Cavanaugh

           You’re an adventurous thrill seeker who loves to try new things. In the future though, those things probably should be legal. Your wild nature has ended you up on “ndbarstool” more than once and probably will continue to in the future.

Capricorn- Steds & Lyons

           You’re an old soul who craves prestige and tradition, so it just makes sense that you would be one of these two dorms. You are almost as old as Notre Dame itself, and your wisdom is beyond your years. Just don’t forget to take out a little time to smell the roses while you are planning world domination.

Aquarius- Fisher & Lewis

           You’re always looking for new and improved ways to make life on campus easier and more enjoyable.  The water is close to your hearts, so you can always be found near the lakes, whether you are planning your boat for the regatta or just walking home from class. Your unique style defines you, but make sure you are not excluding anyone from your circles.

Pisces - Farley & Morrissey

           You can always be found staring out the windows of your classroom or dorm hoping for something better. You long to travel outside of your tight confines and experience something more. While you may find yourself in situations that aren’t ideal try to look on the bright side and come back down to earth every now and then.

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