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What Your Favorite Karaoke Song Says About You

Karaoke is a favorite pastime of mine and a great idea for a fun party with friends! Here are some of the songs I've heard performed and what they say about you:


If Shallow is your go to karaoke song you’re definitely an old soul. This contemporary take on a classic movie really shows your ~mature~ side. Also, you have to be looking for a magical duet here. So maybe you’re looking to fall in love?? Who knows. Killer song though.

Piano Man

Absolutely any Billy Joel song gets the crowd going.  Clearly, you are a crowd pleaser and probably just a pleasure to be around. Did I mention this is my favorite song? You are also probably a bit dramatic because you really have to channel the role of a smoky bar singer serenading old men nursing some bourbon. But in reality you’re probably just at a college party.

Livin’ on a Prayer

Speaking of smoky, this song has got some grit. It is not for the fainthearted. You also are one to please the crowd which we love. You better be warmed up before taking on this number though because no one wants to hear your voice lose steam during the chorus.

Super Bass

If you’re getting on stage singing Super Bass you know every single word and it’s a personality trait.

Party in the USA

You’re definitely basic but you love to interact with the crowd. I envision you with LOTS of arm motions. And jumping. Tons of jumping. You’re gonna bring the energy and you’re not afraid who sees it.

Let It Go

You are EMOTIONAL and I respect it. You’re going to leave it all up there on that stage. You also may be going through some sort of journey of self-discovery based on the message and intensity behind this song? So go right ahead, get it all off your chest tonight.

Before He Cheats

Scorned. Woman. This song is full of angst and a perfect opportunity to get out some pent up anger (at a certain someone perhaps?). So just go off.

Breaking Free

You would rather be in a ski lodge on New Years Eve...honestly wouldn’t we all? This is another duet you can really get into. You must have a stellar partner in mind because chemistry here is key.

Empire State of Mind

If you’re me, you learned every word to this song at the age of 10 without knowing what any of it meant. So now, the (clean) lyrics are emblazoned on your brain forever and you simply need an outlet. If you’re my Dad, it reminds you of living in New York and gives you a chance to flex on your kids that you know all of the references. And if you’re normal, you probably just respect the vocal range of Alicia Keys and clearly think you are good enough to take it on.

Country Roads

You’re either from West Virginia or you’re a boy who for some reason feels an emotional connection to this song. Whatever your connection is, it gets the people going without fail.

Katie Malik

Notre Dame '21

I am a junior at the University of Notre Dame from Cleveland majoring in Political Science and Economics. I love running, Cleveland sports, and Christmas Hallmark movies.
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