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WallPops: Mother’s Day Gifts for the Stylish Mom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Finals are approaching and we all know what that means – so is Mother’s Day!

When you find yourself weighed down by the stress of finals, and all the anxieties that come with the end of the year, take some time to be thankful for your education and especially for your parents. Instead of procrastinating on your final Philosophy paper by binging on Netflix, find a way to thank your mom for all she does for you. So head to WallPops.com to pick out a stylish and practical gift for Mother’s Day!

What are WallPops?  WallPops are removable decals that you can safely apply to your walls. The best part? If you don’t like where you placed your WallPop product you can immediately remove it and try a new design. These products are the best gift for a mom with an eye for style and penchant for creativity.

To save you some time, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite WallPops products that you’ll want to buy for mom, and even yourself!

For Decoration

WallPops offers an abundance of colorful products perfect for the mom who likes to change her home décor with the seasons, opt for Jonathon Adler’s “Aztec Diamond” PackageThis cheerful design is ideal for the summer and comes in three shapes: dot, blox, and stripe.

For Inspiration

Check out these products for your mom if she loves motivational and inspirational quotes and phrases. This “All You Need is Love” Wall Phrase is the ideal gift to remind your mom how thankful you are for all the love and support she gives you. 

For the Organized Mom

Does your mom have a busy schedule? Probably! Treat her to some colorful, organizational WallPops to add a smile to her day because her to-do list and calendar are bright and cheerful

For the Mom who likes to stay on time, check out the Amazon Forest Clock. This product is a helpful decoration that won’t damage your wall!

The Habitat Dry Erase Decal is ideal for the mom who loves her to-do lists! This kit also comes with a dry erase marker/eraser for easy clean up. Moreover, since it’s easily removable and reused, now mom can transfer her to-do list to wherever she needs it the most. Whether its in the kitchen during holidays, or her office during a busy work week, your mom will love the large size of this to-do list and the bright colors will make her even more joyful to cross another task off her list!


Finally, for the busy mom who masters the balance of work in and outside the home, check out the ultimate WallPop product: The Dry-Erase Calendar.

The Kolkata Monthly Dry Erase Calendar offers both style and function. It even comes with four jewel accents – what more could you want? WallPops kindly sent Her Campus Notre Dame a Kolkata Calendar to try out, and it’s definitely a product you’ll want to purchase for your mom and for yourself.

The calendar is easy to apply, comes with a handy marker/eraser that won’t leave a mess when you have to change the month! 

So head to WallPops.Com to purchase these products and more the perfect Mother’s Day gift. You might even find yourself adding items to your cart for dorm room too!

Thanks, WallPops, for sharing your style with HCND!

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