A Very Senior Salsas

I had the misfortune of having my birthday on a weekday this year, meaning that there was no possible potential for celebration (at least, no possible responsible potential for celebrating on the date). I was disappointed to say the least because it was my 21st – the first birthday in a while that truly mattered.


A friend saw my distress and raised a potential solution. Why not celebrate the day after, a verifiably less busy day and the proper time for fun activity? This sounded like the perfect opportunity, and I was excited to accept. There was only one problem – where would we go and what would we do? Who would host such a momentous occasion on a mild Wednesday?

It was then that I was introduced to Salsa’s. 


Salsa’s Mexican Grill, Mishawaka’s liveliest Wednesday venue, is the pride and joy of Mendoza majors. Finance bros, marketing mavens and more alike would wax on about their experiences, gushing about the atmosphere and the $2 margaritas.

But I had never been.


Now was the time to finally enjoy the experience for myself, and I was eagerly ready to do so. Quietly of course.


Upon our entrance into the esteemed establishment, we were greeted by what seemed to be a fully packed restaurant, teeming with Notre Dame students ready for tableside guac and margs. It was overwhelming, to say the least. The waitress seemed to notice our bewilderment and made sure to seat us at the very back of the restaurant lest we get overwhelmed by all of the other customers.

In our quiet corner, we could calmly observe the sea of Salsa’s patrons as a safari guide would over the Serengeti: the table of all button-down shirts and salmon-colored shorts, the table of students that seemed a little young for the environment and, of course, the unseen karaoke singers, who belted out their best rendition of “Country Roads, Take Me Home."

I hadn’t eaten for at least six hours, so I resolved to absolutely inhale a taco salad.


I was content merely observing, but soon the time had come for what we truly came for. One of my friends aggressively pointed at me and shouted “HEY! A BIRTHDAY! WE GOT A BIRTHDAY HERE!”


Merely milliseconds after her battle cry, several employees hoisted a sombrero upon my head and sang a raucous rendition of the birthday song. (Has anyone learned what you’re supposed to do during a birthday song? Do you just sit there????) 

Amid the festive environment, aggressive birthday singing and endless mouthfuls of chips, I realized why I’d come to Salsa’s in the first place – to spend time with my friends. The past couple of days had been uneventful and frankly a bit stressful, and being at Salsa’s reminded me how fun it was to spend time with them – to ask them about their days, to laugh at their misfortunes and celebrate their triumphs. 


All in all, Salsa’s was quite the experience. Regardless of whether you have a celebration to attend or if you merely want to observe, it’s a Wednesday must-see before you graduate.


Photos: 1, 2