A Valentine's Playlist For Every Relationship Status

Whether you’re wifed up, the ultimate single lady, or just Netflix and chillin’ we all have to live through Valentine’s Day. These playlists will make it easier no matter what the relationship status. All playlists can be found on spotify under the given titles posted by user Catching Clouds (that's me!) or just click the handly dandy hyperlink.
Wifed Up
You are committed and (not so secretly) loving it. Even though we tell you we hate it, we're all happy for you. Here’s a playlist all about locking down that someone special, you lucky jerk. 
Single & Killing It
You’re working on you right now and that’s awesome. Being single means being free and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here are some tracks to help you keep the party going while you keep killin’ it solo. 
???? (Wut)
“Talking”, keeping it casual, and everything in between. Here’s some dope tracks about that weird spot that millenials just can’t seem to escape. 
Here For the Booty
Cry Me A River
Sometimes love sucks and you just have to take a minute to get up close and personal with some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and feel all the things, especially on Valentine’s day. Dramatic? Yes. Necessary? Also, Yes. Here’s a playlist to help you out. (Head's up: No T-Swift because of reasons. Sorry in advance)
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