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Valentine’s Day Events You’ll Love (Get It?)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Well, Collegiettes, despite our sincerest prayers for February 14 to simply drop off the calendar this year, Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Whether you love the holiday or hate it, though, South Bend and Notre Dame are offering up quite the array of Valentine’s Day special moments that you really shouldn’t miss – significant other or not. From drink specials to special desserts (and every stereotypical thing in between), here they are: all the ND Valentine’s experiences you need to have this year.

First, for the of-agers, let’s talk about what’s up at the bars this weekend. Valentine’s Day is starting early this year with the Valentine’s Day Eve “Broken Hearts” soiree at Fever. This Thursday night, bring in a picture of your ex and get in with no cover! Healthy? Nope! No it is not! But I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you all there anyway.

Follow up your ex-shaming exploits on Thursday night with a trip to Finnys on the actual holiday. Their “One Night Stand” Valentine’s party features free cover for all and a list of drink specials that includes the highly intriguing one-dollar “Valentine’s special shots.” Explore this possibility just to see what on earth that means.

If DFMOs aren’t on your itinerary for this year’s V-Day – or if you are some stubbornly rational human being who acknowledges the grave danger to mental and physical health posed by heavy drinking on one of the most emotion-filled days of the year – I would encourage you to instead hit up the DH on Friday. In the great Notre Dame tradition of rewarding students with food, South Dining Hall will be serving up all sorts of special Valentine’s Day desserts to congratulate the student body on making it through the day alive.

Make your reservations now (read: text your friends three days from now) for Valentine’s dinner in the dining hall. Smother some cupcakes in frosting and decorations of your choosing, and prepare to watch a lot of really awkward DH dates. You can’t lose.

If for some reason neither drinks nor desserts are your style, first of all, know that you and I will forever fundamentally misunderstand each other. Secondly, though, fear not: for some reason I cannot fathom, there are some events on campus that involve neither booze nor baked goods.

Classical music fans can check out the “Valentine’s Day with Brahms and Gershwin” concert at DPAC, a musical combination that sounds truly bizarre but also probably awesome, and those who prefer classic literature to music can hit up the fifth annual SonnetFest from 11-3 in O’Shag.

Finally, for those who are snarkily anti-Valentine’s Day and want to keep it that way, the university is providing for you, too. The Second City Touring Company is giving a free (!) show in Washington Hall this Friday night if you want some laughs, and the GRC’s Awkward Awareness Week culminates its week-long awkward fest on Friday, as well, if you prefer to laugh at your friends and yourselves.

No matter your interests, there is something on or near campus for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. And if all else fails? There’s always JPW to provide you with a plethora of Hot Dads to pine after.

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Sarah is a senior at the University of Notre Dame pursuing majors in English and American Studies. After graduation, she hopes to somehow finagle her way into a career in journalism. She enjoys whistling and Stanley Tucci and hates all forms of bees.