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Top Door Dash Restaurants in the Notre Dame Area

We all know the feeling of either being sick of eating dining hall (dining yurt?) food or, for those who live off campus, not wanting to cook a meal. Lo and behold, DoorDash, our savior. As a Dash Pass member, I have experienced my fair share of DoorDash meals during my time at Notre Dame. So, here are my top recommendations for DoorDash locations in the greater Notre Dame area. Fair warning, most are chain restaurants.


There’s no way that I couldn’t put Chick-fil-A as number 1. Especially on a hungover Sunday, it really just cannot be beat. My go to is the spicy deluxe, waffle fries, a side of mac n cheese, and a diet coke (can’t forget about the ice pebbles).


I recently have not been as big of a Chipotle fan as I used to be. It seems like the portions keep getting smaller, so Qdoba to the rescue. My favorite thing about Qdoba is their cilantro lime rice. Boring white rice doesn’t cut it for me anymore, and it really makes all of the flavor difference in my bowls. Make sure you don’t skip on the queso either!

Noodles & Company

All I can say is if you like pasta, then this is your place. I love adding chicken to their pesto cavatappi. My boyfriend loves their mac n cheese options (specifically their buffalo chicken mac n cheese). They also offer some gluten-free options for my gluten-free peeps!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Best deal by far is Potbelly’s pick-your-pair, which is basically the same as Panera’s pick two. I would argue that Potbelly is far superior to Panera though. Their Skinny T-K-Y sandwich is my favorite, along with their broccoli cheddar soup. Potbelly is also another great place for my mac n cheese lovers, especially if you want to customize!


So, for context, I do not have a Popeyes near me at home in California. My first chance at trying the Popeyes chicken sandwich that broke the internet was here in South Bend. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I’m not going to say this was better or worse than Chick-fil-A, because I don’t think the two are comparable, but what stood out to me besides the spicy chicken sandwich was the cajun fries. Unbelievably delicious, no dipping sauce needed.

Taco Bell

No, I am not sorry for this one. Taco Bell really should be number 1 on this list, but I’m too embarrassed to admit that it’s the place I DoorDash the most. I can’t lie that I love a chalupa and a crunchwrap supreme. Recently I have been a huge fan of the nacho fries bell grande. Lots of love for the ‘Bell and hoping to try out their Quesalupa soon!

Now, remember that this was not intended to be a ranking of South Bend restaurants… trust me Taco Bell and the other fast food chains would not have made the cut in that case. Rather, this is a little guide to get you all thinking about your next DoorDash order. I know that I’m getting hungry writing this, so I hope this gives you some ideas!

Sarah Duarte

Notre Dame '22

Hey I’m Sarah Duarte! I am majoring in History with minors in Digital Marketing and Constitutional Studies at the University of Notre Dame. I’m also a Zumba instructor and am from Southern California.
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