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Top 4 Fashion Blogs to Brighten Winter Days

I’ll be the first to admit: when the temperature drops below zero, it’s hard to feel inspired. No matter how long I stare into my closet each morning, the ever-reliable combination of a fleece, leggings and some worn-out Uggs seems to be as good as it’s going to get. I mean, really, crossing South Quad today I could have sworn I’d been transported into an episode of the “Walking Dead” sponsored by North Face. People literally look dead, I can see it in their eyes.  And make up? Forget it. The lovely lake effect snow we’ve all come to know and love never fails to slap the concealer right off my face.

So, how does one beat this winter slump, exactly? Well, if you’re reading this, it means you’ve come to the same conclusion as I have: the Internet. Given that going outside on our snow day last week was determined to be physically dangerous, I spent a lot of one and one time with Safari. What I found there was this: cute outfits, mouthwatering recipes, folksy playlists, DIY crafts and so, so much more. I’ve rounded up my favorite blogs that I think are worthy of even the trendiest of Pinterest pages and that I’m sure will brighten even the grayest of days here on campus.


BLDG 25 Blog

BLDG 25 is the online brainchild of Free People. The blog reflects all that is embodied by this women’s clothing brand; it’s laid-back, artistic and bohemian, yet just mainstream enough to not be considered totally out-there. The writers explore everything from fashion to food, but my favorite section of the site has to be their “Love Stories” page: heartwarming reads, especially so close to Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to check out BLDG 25’s musical musings, either: they have a playlist for every mood and always seem to be in the know about the latest and greatest that you won’t hear on the radio.


Glitter Guide

Founder and Creative Director Taylor Sterling once said “A smile is a women’s best accessory, sequins are appropriate no matter what the occasion, and some days simply require a glass of champagne” (Source). Hear, hear! Glitter Guide is an online magazine of sorts not unlike Her Campus. It profiles all things glamorous and, most importantly, glitzy — perfect for the girl looking to add some shimmer to her gloomy day (Ahem, South Bend) The website’s “Trends” section boasts the ongoing feature: “5 Ways to Sparkle.”


Lauren Conrad

LC has come a long way since her days of painful love triangles and platform flip flops on MTV’s Laguna Beach. Recently engaged to law student William Tell, Conrad is a NY Times bestselling author, designer of several successful fashion lines and, all in all, the next-generation Martha Stewart. Talk about having your life together. Her website, LaurenConrad.com, is a girl’s best friend. The “Ask Lauren” column addresses everything from social media etiquette to finding the right internship. When it comes to the know-how on being successful, who better to ask than everyone’s favorite girl-next-door turned CEO?

Anthro Blog

A spinoff of the women’s clothing company, Anthropologie, this blog is less of an online magazine and more of a rambling but nonetheless ultra-chic stream of consciousness à la Tumblr. Their best work? Every few weeks the creative minds behind Anthro Blog, whoever they may be, come out with a new and uniquely inspiring playlist. Francophiles everywhere rejoiced at the release of their retro-Parisian playlist, compiled in honor of the ’60s icon, Francoise Hardy’s, 70th birthday.


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