Top 10 DCOM Songs to Listen to When You Are in Your Feels

With the weather getting colder, we have started spending more time inside, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon—there are bound to be more grey days and seemingly endless, dark nights ahead of us. Maybe it's the change in the weather or cuffing season, but whatever it is, late fall/early winter = Feels Season. Instead of suppressing those feelings this year, I resolve to face them in the only way I know how: belting out Disney songs. Below is a list of songs I always go to when I need a good cry. 


  1. 1. “More Than A Band” from Lemonade Mouth

    If you are ever feeling alone, this is the song to turn to. Even with a slow melody, the song is very uplifting and reminds you of all the support that you have—you just have to ask for it sometimes.

    Lyric that gets you: “Reach for my hand / 'Cause it's held out to you / My shoulders are small/ But you can cry on them too”

  2. 2. “Butterfly Fly Away” from Hannah Montana the Movie

    This is the song that would play in a movie about your life when you’re driving in the car as you leave for college. You’re growing up, which brings excitement about your new-found independence and the bright future ahead of you, but also sadness when you leave your family and the comfort of your normal life. This song is the embodiment of that experience and gets those feelings out in the open.

    Lyric that gets you: “Butterfly fly away (butterfly fly away) / Got your wings, now you can't stay / Take those dreams and make them all come true”

  3. 3. “It’s Over” from The Cheetah Girls II

    The Cheetah Girls movies depict what a true sisterhood entails: constant love and support in every stage of the rollercoaster of life. There is nothing sadder than losing part of your girl group, whether it be because of a new career opportunity, a study abroad experience or going to a different college. Sisterhood is a backbone, and without it we are lost. 

    Lyric that gets you: “Don't let it be over / No, this is not how it ends / I need my sisters, my family, my friends / Don't wanna let the sweetest of dreams slip away”

  4. 4. “Gotta Go My Own Way” from High School Musical II

    No one wants to see a power couple break up, especially when that couple gives you hope that true love is still alive. This scene in the movie crushed all of my hope that real love exists. I’ve never had a devastating breakup, but I can only imagine that healing has to involve releasing those pent-up, painful emotions. That’s when this song comes into play. 

    Lyric that gets you: “Don't wanna leave it all behind / But I get my hopes up / And I watch them fall every time / Another color turns to gray / And it's just too hard / To watch it all / Slowly fade away”

  5. 5. “Where Do I Go From Here” from Jump In!

    College is stressful enough, but add the self-induced pressure to please your parents and everyone around you and it only gets worse. This is the song for when you are too anxious about the future and you are stuck in the fear of letting others down. Listen to the end of the song. Impress yourself first, and everything will fall into place. 


    Lyric that gets you: “Did I let you down? / My good intentions never seem to come around”

  6. 6. “This is Our Song” from Camp Rock II

    The end-of-summer sadness is a reality no one wants to face. It was a time of carefree memories and endless laughs under the sun. Get taken back to those hot July days and cherish those great times you had.

    Lyric that gets you: “This is our song / That's all that matters ‘cause / We all belong right here together”

  7. 7. “Two Worlds Collide” from Princess Protection Program

    This song resembles my relationship with my sister—I couldn’t live without her! I can tell her anything and be my complete self around her. It's gotten to the point where her needs come before mine and her happiness matters more to me than my own. This song reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a light in my life; and without her, I don’t know how I would pick myself back up. 


    Lyric that gets you: “She was scared / Unprepared / Lost in the dark / Falling apart / I can survive / With you by my side”

  8. 8. “What You Mean to Me” from Starstruck

    No one wants to be told that they need to change. No one wants their faults pointed out to them. But whether it be your mom, sister, brother, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else, there is someone in your life who wants what is best for you. Let this song be a reminder to thank them for pushing you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 


    Lyric that gets you: “And every time I think of you / I think of how you pushed me through / And showed me how much better I could be”

  9. 9. “Now I Can Be the Real Me” from Radio Rebel

    This movie is the embodiment of breaking out of your shell. Let the somber melody at the beginning help you remember the feeling of not being noticed, but let the refrain remind you of how perfectly imperfect you are.


    Lyric that gets you: “And I needed you to look through / To the shadows I tried to bury inside / Drawing them out to the light”

  10. 10. "Me and You” from Let it Shine

    There is no greater fear than that of being vulnerable to someone who will crush your heart. This song explores that vulnerability, and each line takes you on the emotional rollercoaster of any relationship. 

    Lyric that gets you: “Did you really mean the words that you said, said?”