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Things Only an ND Student Knows About Winter

South Bend winters are a force of their own. You think Chicago is windy? Visit South Bend. Alaska sounds cold to you? Yeah, we feel that too. If you’re an ND student, you can relate to all of these things about winter, I guarantee it.


1. You’re constantly wearing a burrito-esque puffer coat.

They’re unflattering, but oh-so-cozy. The puffer coats extend to our ankles and offer you a warm, embraceable hug of down-feather goodness.


2. You get wind burn… and your face is chapped.

Those violent winds ain’t got nothin’ on you! Oh wait… yes. Yes they do. Stay strong, buddy.


3. Hat hair is basically your new ‘do.

Hopefully your crush doesn’t see you during class when you take off that beanie, girl. It looks like you straight up rolled out of bed and didn’t brush your hair.


4. You’re too lazy to walk to the dining hall in the cold but you’re starving so you decide to snack and gain your weight in Cheeto puffs.

I don’t think an explanation is needed here.


5. Is it snow? Is it rain? Sleet?

For some reason, it gets harder to tell the difference between precipitation so you decide to pack your umbrella and wear rain boots every day, just in case.


6. Squirrels get fatter, too!

You’re not the only one gaining weight this winter. And don’t be alarmed if they run up to you when you’re eating. They just want a little nibble of your food, that’s all.


7. Wearing jeans is definitely not enough.

You start to wear leggings under every article of clothing. Soon enough, you’re wearing 7 layers and you look like the Michelin Man.


8. Being snuggled in pj’s in your dorm becomes your favorite time of day.

You start to crave the evenings because that not only means being done with classes, but it’s also your time to cuddle in your favorite wool socks and pajama set. Mmmmmmmm toasty…


9. Hot chocolate is your drink of choice.

Or coffee. Like every college student ever, coffee will always remain at the top of your list.


10. You run out of FLEX Points… on Starbucks.

Darn you, Starbucks, for taking all of my FLEX points. It started with the daily Pumpkin Spice Latte and only escalated from there. Who can deny a Peppermint Mocha?!


Snowmaggedon 2k17 is on its way. Don’t let it get the best of you. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay cute out there bundled up in your gigantic burrito of a parka. We believe in you.

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