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A Taco (and Margarita) Tour of South Bend

There are few things I love more than good tacos. The street taco craze has taken hold with the rise of food trucks and I can’t get enough of them. As much as I love tacos, I love cheap tacos even more. Here are my recommendations for the best tacos (and margs) that South Bend has to offer!

Evil Czech’s Taco Tuesdays:

Evil Czech is one of my favorite restaurants in South Bend and their Street Tacos are some of the best food on the menu. On Tuesdays, their tacos are a la carte for $2, $3 or $4. You can add rice and beans for $1.95 and make a good meal of it. Since they’re a brewery, their beer is amazing (their cider too, when it’s in season). My favorites are the Shrimp Tacos and the Chicken Asada Tacos. Check out their menu for other great items to try (like their Mac and Cheese)!

Hacienda’s Frozen Margaritas:

I know this is a taco tour of South Bend, but Hacienda has my favorite frozen margs. Try any of their classic flavors, or swirl two for a delicious flavor combination. If sangria is more your style, I’ve had a great Sangria Swirl there (part sangria and part margarita). They have great daily specials:

Sunday: bottled beer and Sangria Swirl.

Monday: domestic draft beers, frozen margarita flights and any smaller size Wet Burrito or Taco Salad.

Tuesday: frozen margarita, Meltdown and any original burrito combo.

Wednesday: frozen margarita and any Chimichanga.

Thursday: Cabo Wabo Arriba Margaritas and any single enchilada or taco (served with rice and beans).

Friday: liter of frozen margarita and a fish taco, seafood enchilada or seafood taco (served with rice and beans).

Saturday: Agave Grande Margarita.

Check them out at either of their two locations (I recommend the one on Lincolnway, it’s in an old house). Their Chimichanga is great, check out their menu here.

Salsa’s Two Dollar Margaritas:

You can’t beat cheap margs and table side guacamole and Salsa’s has both. Stop by on Wednesday for two dollar margs (don’t forget to tip your server generously for your endless chips and salsa) or any other day for margs. They have a big menu and you can always order things a la carte. I’m partial to their chicken enchiladas. Check out their menu here!

Flamingo’s Authentic Dollar Tacos:

Flamingo’s is in a Mexican Grocery store and has delicious authentic tacos, which are only $1 on Wednesdays. That’s right, $1 each! Chips and salsa are normally free, but they are $1.49 a basket on dollar taco night. The standard Mexican Style tacos are $1, but you can upgrade for $1.50 each instead (try the Paraiso Style, it’s worth it)!  Here’s the full menu. If you’re looking for good, cheap Mexican, this is definitely your best bet!

Chipotle’s Quality Ingredients:

A list of Mexican restaurants would be incomplete without Chipotle. To be fair, burritos are the most popular item on the menu, but if you want a lighter option, their tacos are the way to go at Chipotle. My personal favorite thing to order is a barbacoa burrito bowl with all the salsas and guac, but you really can’t go wrong. The fact that it’s within walking distance from campus also makes this a good option. Check out Chipotle’s menu here and find out what’s in your food! If you want to know what you’re eating, Chipotle puts high value on quality ingredients!

Taco Bell’s Post-Parietals Food Run:

You didn’t really think I would forget Taco Bell did you? Chipotle may be on Eddy Street, but Taco Bell is on campus (and downtown, post-Finnie’s?). This option is best consumed after 2:00am and alcohol consumption, or any time you’re not too concerned about where your food comes from. It’s cheap and processed and their hot sauce comes in packets. Sometimes, that’s all you want from their tacos. If you happen to need food recommendations, you can’t go wrong with their Fiery Dorito Locos tacos, their Cinnabon Delights, or their quesadillas. Taco Bell has their own dollar menu, so if you’re on your last 3 bucks, fear not! Here’s their menu!

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