Surviving Til Spring

It’s March and we’re still seeing snow, so as a native Southern Californian I’m super ready for spring to come already. Coming to Notre Dame was a big change for me in a lot of ways, and perhaps the most immediately shocking difference was living somewhere with actual seasons. While I can’t say that I’ve totally acclimated (unless you call the string of disgruntled complaints coming from deep inside my several layers of winter gear every time I step outside acclimation), I have found a few things helpful as I try to survive until spring.


Try to find something about cold weather or a cold weather activity that you enjoy.

Cold weather can be a real bummer, so I always have to remind myself to make the most of it. I like the different types of snow. Sometimes it’s fluffy and soft, and others it looks like there’s glitter falling from the sky. I love Notre Dame Hockey. You get to be right next to the band and way closer to the action than you do for most other sports. Plus, we’re pretty good! And what better time to partake in adorable ice skating dates (friend dates totally included) during open skate in Compton? If I can ever manage to let go of the rail.



Find a cute piece of cold weather gear that you look forward to wearing.

Aside from just dressing appropriately for the temperature, find a cute piece of winter gear that you look forward to wearing - my beanie is adorable. I also totally adore my snow boots. A friend of mine has a really fun collection of cabin socks she wears to keep her warm. My roommate likes to knit, and she has been accumulating warm homemade gear for the last few months. Side note, definitely buy good gloves because they're lifesavers.


Make the quest to stay warm more fun by discovering your favorite warm beverage.

Hunt for your favorite warm beverage to boost your mood. I love tea, my bestie loves hot apple cider, my mom loves coffee, and my boyfriend loves hot chocolate. A cup of chai always makes the winter trek from Welsh Fam to Jordan feel more doable. Maybe you have to try 6 weird Starbucks drinks before you fall in love with something, but that’s kind of fun, right?


Get outside!

I know it’s freezing. Take a walk! I am so guilty of hiding out inside when it’s cold. Please don't forget to leave the dorm a little. Even if it's just a lap around the dorm for a breath of fresh air or walking to Duncan (or The Rock or Rolfs, insert your favorite gym) for your workout instead of opting for the ultra-convenient dorm exercise room. You'll feel way less trapped this way, which is a huge problem I have in the winter. As with everything else, it’s easier to motivate yourself to do this if you do it with friends.


Band together.

Winter is so much more bearable when you’re connected with your friends. Don’t suffer the arctic on your own!


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