Student Expo at The Gridiron This Friday

PLEASE NOTE: The location has changed due to a forecast of rain! Check the Facebook page for the new locale!  

Her Campus Notre Dame is proud to promote an awesome event happening this Friday in Downtown South Bend! Tomorrow night, that's Friday, September 5, from 5:30 to 9:00pm, eight student and local bands will play a music festival of sorts at The Gridiron, 112 E. Washington St. in South Bend. This amazing event is hosted by Downtown South Bend, The State of South Bend, and The Music Village and all proceeds will benefit The Bridge Project. 


The Gridiron is a hella tight venue where the following bands will be jamming out tomorrow:

5:30pm Joshua Schleer (acoustic, IUSB)

6:00pm Jon Schommer and the Town Cuties (folk, ND)

6:30pm The Tides (indie/pop, IUSB)

7:00pm Simple Twist (jazz/blues, SB)

7:45pm Ratboys (incredible, ND)

8:30pm the rutabega (carp rock, SB)

9:00pm Half Fiction (hard rock, IUSB)

9:30pm Sober Sinners (punk rock, ND)

Downtown South Bend is that place you know exists and think has nothing to offer, but in reality is super cool and would LOVE to see you every once and a while! 

The State of South Bend is an organization that strives to keep the community in the loop - they want to share what is happening in South Bend and they want YOU to get involved in our community! Check them out on Facebook

The Music Village is a community musical arts school that has a ton to offer! They're always partnering with local venues and groups to put on fantastic shows and events! Check them out on Facebook, too. 

Finally, The Bridge Project defines itself as "a movement for greater connection between South Bend and nearby campuses." They are "locals and students in the music scene, culture, and revitalization of South Bend."

In conclusion, go be awesome with the awesomeness that is our surrounding community! Support our neighbors and check out this wonderful event


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